Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Porter Style: His & Hers Summer to Fall Transition

Although Oregon has had some very hot days (I'm talking upper 90's!) recently, Justin and I are also thinking of ways to transition our summer clothes for the upcoming autumn season. It's a little crazy seeing the leaves on trees start to get red, but I cannot wait for the beauty to abound.

Today our style is all about some pieces we've worn during the summer, but will definitely be wearing in the fall as well!

Justin got his blue polo while we were in Japan. I love it because it matches his pretty eyes :-) This polo will look great in the fall with with long pants and a cardigan. Also, his sweet sunglasses from WoodyGlass! WoodyGlass sells the coolest sunglasses made out of renewable bamboo and recycled wood. Justin is wearing the Witmark style, and he loves how bold and sleek they look (PS... they are on sale)!

I'm wearing a darling top from Oasap. Add a scarf to this cute top and it will be perfect for fall! I'm thinking maroon or mustard yellow. I am still all about the accessories, like this watch from Stylegirl, and of course a fun hat (it's been a frequent accessory lately!). You better believe I will still be wearing these for months to come.

Can you tell we both love blue? :-)
HIS - top: Uniqlo || sunglasses: c/o WoodyGlass || shorts: PacSun || shoes: Sperry's
HERS - hat: Asos || top: c/o Oasap || watch: c/o StyleGirl || sandals: Madewell

Thank you so much for reading today!! Have the best day ever.
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Rachel Lynne said...

Both of your outfits are amazing! AND I HAVE THE SAME hat... also wearing it in today's post :)

K&R said...

blue is the best color. i've been eyeing that dress for awhile but never got it cause i don't really wear white. i love it on you, adorable.

Nikki Williams said...

i love that top!! so cute!



Jenna R. said...

Such a cute top! The more you wear that cute hat the more I want one ;)

xoxo jenna @ sincerely jenna marie
PS- make sure and stop by on Thursdays to link up!

Cherish Kirsten said...

Love the top



Mila said...

I just love your watch so much!!!

Bridget Fossedal said...

your tunic! it's divine. love the packaging on the sunnies, too. ; )

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