Saturday, September 13, 2014

Law School Style

Law school is in full swing! Justin has pretty much disappeared and I'm a law school widow! ;) But really, I am so proud of Justin for his hard work! I don't know how he does it. 

Justin has really made an effort not only in his school work, but in his school style as well. It's important to dress nicely every day so that his professors take him seriously. Even I have seen some ladies in super short shorts and dudes in bro tanks around campus... Not that I'm against that or judging, but I do believe it's important to look professional, especially in graduate school. It's the next big step before the "real world", you know?

Justin has been wearing his nicer clothes every day. Not necessarily a shirt and tie nice, but definitely a step up from regular casual wear. I know sometimes it would be much comfier to wear sweats or basketball shorts, but I love his dedication.

One accessory Justin has been loving to wear are his new glasses from Firmoo. First and most importantly, they help Justin see. But secondly... He looks so sharp and smart in them! The particular style he's wearing looks so great on his face.
glasses c/o Firmoo
Although I don't wear glasses, seeing him wear his great specs makes me want some.... 
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Erika Dannelly said...

look at that little model brother of mine, so cute. my heart just swells with pride ;)

Ana Noyola said...

Aww I know exactly how you feel! I am a Pharmacy widow ;) I never see that cute husby of mine, so I totally understand your widowness! I love reading your posts btw, they remind me so much of our life! We should do a couples blind date get up soon! We live in California but we could tot's show you guys around! Have you ever seen/ been to the Oakland temple?! It's absolutely gorgeousss!
xoxo, Ana

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