Friday, September 5, 2014

Lady in Ivoire

The Anthropologie Ivoire Dress is a beautiful dress that I have had my eyes on since I saw my cute friend Jessi wearing it on her blog. It made my heart jump! I just thought it was so elegant and beautiful. A couple weeks after Jessi's post, I went to Anthropologie with a few girl friends, and lo and behold there she was again, this beautiful dress. The quality, the color, all the little details... it was perfect. But with its price point, I knew it was out of my budget. So I just swooned and went about my merry way.

It only made it worse that I kept seeing this dress pop up all over social media!!! I've seen other ladies wearing it on their blog posts, girls wearing it as bridesmaid dresses, wearing it in engagement photos, etc. It was getting rubbed in my face!

I checked online, and womp womp it was almost completely out of stock, except for a couple sizes that I knew wouldn't fit me. I then decided to check eBay-- and what do you know?! A few people were selling different sizes! It was still just as expensive, though, so I took no further action.

One morning a few days later I checked the product page on Anthropologie again, and.... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, the size I thought I was, was available again! And on major sale, almost half off! I had saved up some money for clothes, so I decided to use that and make my purchase. It was the last one in stock of my size, so somebody must have either returned it, or an awesome Anthro worker found it in the back of the warehouse, or something. 

Then I started to panic. The reviews were mixed on sizing, and I had never purchased clothing from Anthropologie before, so I had no idea if it would fit!! I thought about getting the next size up from eBay, but I've had bad experiences with eBay so I didn't want to deal with it (that is a story for another day..........). And at this point, I didn't have any change to spare.

Lucky Jessi was a dear friend and drove her dress all the way to where I lived in Utah and let me try hers on! It was quite serendipitous, really, that the size I had purchased was the size Jessi got as well. She let me try it on, and FIREWORKS happened, guys! It fit me, and I was so happy. Sometimes, you and a dress are just meant to be I can't wait to style this dress for the fall!

If any of you are VERY interested in the dress, I've found some on eBay, but please use precaution when purchasing. I've had both good and bad experiences (bad experience mainly with buying/selling very expensive electronics). Be sure to read each description carefully.

dress: Anthropologie || heels: c/o LuLu's

I can't believe it's Friday already! Short weeks rock ;) Have a fun weekend! Thanks for reading!! xO
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Ellee said...

what size did you get?! It's a gorgeous dress and I'd love to know sizing too!

Night Chayde said...

See Anthropologie is the worst but best store for these special dresses. I love that store so much. You look stinking gorgeous. I love these pics!


bridget anne said...

Haha! I'm totally one of those people who posted engagement photos of a girl in it alllllll over the internet. One of my adorable clients wore it for her shoot, and it's really just as beautiful in person as in photos. Anthro clothes can be so pricey, but when they're exact right thing (and they go on sale...) they're totally worth it. The fit and quality is so on point.

I'm so glad you splurged for this! You look absolutely beautiful. And you'll have this gorgeous dress forever. ; )

Rachel Porter said...

Ellee-- I was debating between a size 2 and 4, but a 2 fit just fine. It's a little tight in the upper body area, so I just have to make sure I'm being careful when I'm putting it on (reviewers on said the same thing). I think you'd be a 0 or a 2!

Haylee said...

Rache oh my gosh I am totally jealous, I've been eyeing this dress for AGES. You look so pretty in it, you always look so pretty but in these pictures especially you look really radiant or something.

I'm seriously so in love with this dress. I might have to copy you, would you care? It's just so freaking gorgeous, and long enough too! That never happens. Do you mind me asking you a totally personal question? Do you run into problems with the back at all? I'm just trying to remember where garments hit in the back, I can't remember exactly. And I don't even wear garments yet but I'm trying to get better at not buying soo many clothes that I'll have to stop wearing once I do. haha again though totally don't answer that question if you don't feel comfortable. Don't mean to put you on the spot!

Haylee said...

Typo, I meant to put **Rachel, though I should totally start calling you Rache don't you think? ;)

Rachel Porter said...

You are so cute, of course I don't mind! There is a keyhole (is that what it's called?) in the back, but I'm wearing a white cami so it covers my garments. So the round keyhole is more like a semi circle. Hope that helps!!! Love ya cutie :-)

Melanie Chrystn Stauffer said...

That dress fits you like a glove! Ooo lala!

- Melanie (

Jess said...

This dress is ADORABLE. I love dresses with sleeves. You look great.

Kimberly Bonham said...

Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE with this dress!!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

that light, that dress, you are adorable!!

Sandy a la Mode

Ellee said...

Thank you so much for letting me know Rachel. This dress is SO dreamy. and you look perfect in it!

Nikki Williams said...

gorgeous photos! you look beautiful!


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