Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Add Accessories

First off-- holy September. Cannot believe it's here! Let's just say duh, I'm excited for fall, but I'm enjoying the last streak of summer before it ends!! I'm definitely sad to see it leave...

I love a good, simple outfit. I think most of you know that. But sometimes, it is fun to spice up a simple outfit! The formula? Just add accessories. Today I'm wearing a striped top with boyfriend shorts, which is cute and simple. But I loved adding a bunch of other items to complete the look! If you ever have a "plain" outfit you want to add more to, try these...

hat - they are cute, great for covering yesterday's hair, and make you look stylish!
arm candy - bracelets, of course, but don't forget watches, too! Like this pretty map watch from StyleGirl
necklace - Our World Boutique has a great collection of pretty necklaces, like this wishbone one!
purse - I HAVE to carry around a purse. I have too many trinkets I gotta drag with me to places! But who says it can't be a part of your outfit? :-)
fun shoes - shoes really can make or break an outfit. Sometimes it is okay to leave the New Balance shoes and Sketchers at home... and wear some chunky heeled booties! ;)

So there you go! Now go getcha some accessories and have fun with it! Thanks for reading & Happy Monday! xO

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Night Chayde said...

Love that hat!! The color is perfect for fall :)


Anonymous said...

lovely photos & blog! I especially love your gold bracelet with the turquoise stone.

- leah

Elisabeth McKnight said...

that hat is simply darling :) and you, you're simply darling too :)

Nikki Williams said...

i love that bag!


Natalie said...

you accessorize girl! come teach me how to wear jewelry plz.

K&R said...

that hat looks absolutely adorable on you! i love it.

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