Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Style with Sole Society

Here in Oregon, the leaves are changing, the nights are chilly, and there is a briskness in the air! I think it's safe to say fall is on its way in the PNW. I've had a fun time pulling out my thicker clothes from storage, and thinking of ways to wear them this season. It's hard to dress for weather that's warm in the afternoons then chilly in the evenings, but I believe this outfit is the answer! I have seen this look quite a bit on Pinterest-- wearing a chambray or plaid button up around your waist. I love it! During the day I'm fine, but once I start to get a little cold, I can pull on my flannel over my shirt. I've been on a HUGE hat kick lately (if you couldn't tell....!), and I'll definitely be wearing them a lot during this season as well :-) This pretty charcoal hat and these beautiful booties from Sole Society are two items I'm so excited to bring into my wardrobe for fall! Nothin' like neutrals to pluck my heartstrings.

Also, how amazing is this Luxe Quartz Necklace from 11 Twenty Eight Designs? 11 Twenty Eight Designs is an Etsy shop that stunning gemstone and druzy jewelry. I absolutely love the 'floating quart' look of this necklace. If you've been looking for a great quartz necklace, THIS IS IT! The original list price is $16.50, but 11 Twenty Eight Designs is offering a $5 promo so you guys can get it for $11.50!! That is a STEAL for this beautiful necklace. Use the code RSBLOG5 to redeem this offer. There are only three left, so HURRY YOUR BUNS! 
For my necklace, I used an extender to make it a bit longer for this outfit!

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Elise Von E said...

great look!

Love the crystal necklace!

Mindy Sue Warren said...

Such a cute look Rachel! I am still dying over how gorgeous your hair looks! I bought some biotin today :)

Nikki Williams said...

those jeans are perfect!


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