Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Skin Loft - Utah Eyelash Extensions
(& discount for you!)

Service was provided by Lacey in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. Keep reading to get yourself a discount!!

Eyelash extensions. They are all the rage in Utah! About a year and a half ago, I had them done in a salon in Provo. I loved them at first, but after a round of fills, I got a little sick of them and ended up pulling them out (BIG FAT NO NO). I'm pretty sure I had like four lashes in each eyelid left. It was so sad, and I looked pathetic!! :( Since then, I have averted myself from them. 

Then I started working in January 2014, and a couple of my coworkers had eyelash extensions that looked awesome. Right before I had to quit, I asked my gal pal Amanda about them, and she told me about the amazing "D Curl" lashes. I was a bit envious, because she looked great! 

Funny enough, soon after that I was contacted by the darling Lacey of The Skin Loft to review a service of hers. Lacey offers services like lash extensions, brow treatments, microneedling, chemical peels, facials, and waxing. I was ecstatic, since I had been wanting to give eyelash extensions a try again. 

Upon walking in her cute spa, I felt instantly relaxed. The atmosphere, the decor, the lighting... everything made me feel calm and at ease. While Lacey was applying my lashes on, I honestly barely felt what she was doing! Her touch was so light, and with the calming atmosphere... I could have easily taken a nap. Lacey was so sweet and it was way fun to get to know her during the process.

The end result? LOVE MY LASHES. So much! The "D Curl" really suits my beauty style, and I am so happy to have them! It has been such a blessing to have the lashes with the move, since I don't really feel the need to get ready with my beautiful lashes. I highly recommend going to Lacey. I have looked at other prices, and Lacey's are by far the best (especially for her amazing talent and quality!). 

I've also looked into getting fills and extensions in Oregon, and uh.... the prices are seriously outrageous. For example: Lacey's full set is $75, while in Oregon, a FILL of 10 lashes on each eye is $65. I am quite sad that Lacey didn't move with me!! So for you Utah ladies who have been on the fence about getting lashes because of the price-- Let me tell you, it IS worth it. I didn't realize how much I missed out until I found out that full sets go for $300 in Oregon.... :,(

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Lacey is based out of Draper, Utah. Be sure to book yourself an appointment HEREMention my blog and get 10% off of your service! <3
Before & After. va va vooom.
five minutes after getting out of bed. Singing "I woke up like this" never felt better ;)
my best "Zoey Deschanel" look, lol...

Getting my lashes done by Lacey was such a treat! I would LOVE to go back and get pampered again, and I know you guys would love it too! Her prices are affordable, scheduling an appointment is easy, and Lacey makes sure there is no waiting time when you go in for your appointment. Again, be sure to book yourself an appointment HERE and my blog and get 10% off of your service!! Happy beautifying! 
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wow! they look amazing!



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Gahhhh I seriously want extensions so badly. Love yours!

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adorable! now I want some

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Wow! They look so pretty the pitchers were amazing and it really makes a difference but they still look so natural i like thatEyelash extensions in Barrie
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