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WiO Diet: The Weight is Over

First off-- sorry for the novel, but I just knew that I had to write it all down! I know it will help someone who may have gone through similar things, and I wanted to capture the constant struggle it has been for me to live a healthy lifestyle. Product was provided for me to review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Unfortunately, most women in this world have a negative view when it comes to their bodies. You can find the most fit, toned, top-knotch bodied woman out there, and she will tell you all about her insecurities. It's just the way our brains are wired, and it's hard to break out of that mindset.

I've always been self conscious of myself. I know that I have fairly thin arms and legs, but my trunk/torso area is not something I'm proud of. The self consciousness stems from my childhood-- I was a bit of a chub, and was even made fun of for it a few times.

At the end of my middle school years, I decided to really do something about it. I seriously would just eat and eat and eat, but I worked on eating smaller portions, I would work out, and watched what I ate. I lost quite a bit of weight for someone who was 13/14. But looking back, I am sad for my 8th grade self. I would stay at the gym for over two hours just going crazy on the elliptical. For lunch I would only eat a soft pretzel and maybe drink a Sprite. I honestly don't know how I did that. If that was my life now, I would be one unhappy person.

After that, I was able to keep a steady lifestyle. I would bike to the gym a few times a week, and I really enjoyed the time I had at our local rec center.

In college I didn't have to worry about the freshman 15, because I was too poor/lazy to cook nice meals. I had a sandwich or a salad every. single. meal. I didn't mind at all. Of course every once in a while we'd spoil ourselves with Subway or Wendy's, but that was occasional ;) 

Now enter... marriage. Yikes. I knew that I needed to step up my wife duties and make Justin good meals, and boy did I! We had some pretty yummy meals together, like alfredo pasta, homemade sushi, teriyaki chicken, and sweet pork tacos. But add that in with the date night Krispy Kremes, dollar McDonald's ice cream cones, and lots of Cocoa Dyno Bites (oh, and birth control pills for me. bleh). Let's just say we both gained a good amount of weight within the first few months of our marriage!

We both tried to go to the gym several times. We'd last a good week or two, but then our fuel would die out. The gym is just not our thing anymore. Justin goes cycling and has lost some excess weight. But me? Well, I fear exercise. I know, it is so bad. I can't run, I get bored at the gym, I am so not fit. I work 40 hours a week now, so by the time I get home I am so tired that I just want to sit on the couch and do NOTHING!

A few years ago a few people I knew started a weight loss program where they drank protein shakes. I was shocked at their before/after photos. I was so close to purchasing the product, but chickened out last minute. I just wasn't sure I could stick to it.

Now, enter WiO-- Weight Is Over. It's a healthy living program designed to provide your body with everything it needs for optimal health. I have been a part of this program for about three weeks now, and have fallen in LOVE with it. There is so much to the WiO program, bear with me while I do my best to break it down for you guys.

The WiO diet provides protein shakes and specially made foods that contain no preservatives, no artificial hormones, is gluten free, uses 100% natural sweeteners, and has a complete amino acid profile. The shakes are a part of their protocol, the starter program I am currently on. A day with WiO looks like this:

For breakfast, I have a shake. For lunch, I have a shake and some veggies. For dinner, I can have a certain amount of meat plus veggies, then to end the night I can have another shake. 

I didn't know what to expect when I first started, and I will admit it was really hard for me to cut out "snacks" and carbs from my daily routine. However, after just two days, I had completely fallen in love with the shakes. They are seriously delicious, and really fill you up. The best part about these shakes is that you can customize the flavor! My current obsession is the vanilla powder + chocolate milk + hazelnut flavoring. It is divine. 
left: shake powder. Right-- two of my favorite flavors

I was quite surprised with how quickly my body adjusted to my new diet. I was pleasantly surprised to know that YES, I CAN survive the day without sugary snacks. YES, I CAN survive without carbs all day. It helped to build my self confidence!
This thing never leaves my side now ;)

The best part of the WiO diet is how interactive their staff is. Every week I go into their facility in West Jordan, Utah for a consultation. On my first day I went in, they weighed me on their InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer. It's a high-tech scale that doesn't just tell you your weight.. It gives you SO much information! It tracks changes in muscle and fat mass, total body water, BMI, visceral fat level, and several other things (like how much each of your arms weigh! And legs!). This is what truly pushed me to stick to the diet as best as I could. They gave me a printout of all of my stats, and to my dismay my trunk (torso area) was quite bigger than I thought. My body fat percentage was above average of what is healthy for my age and height, and this made me sad. I don't want to live like this forever! I want to be healthy for our children. This fueled a fire in me to take this program to heart.
their pretty lobby
lots of powder, TONS of flavors!
InBody 570! Intense, right!?
my analysis. It's always scary/exciting to get this each week!

I'm happy to say that in the first week, I lost FOUR pounds of body fat. I could not believe it! Since then, I haven't lost as much weight, BUT my muscle mass and hydration levels have gone up. My body fat percentage has gone down a total of four percent. I've lost about three pounds from my tummy area. I started working out a few times a week again, but for the most part all I have done is change my diet!
at one of my consultations, one of the staff members showed me physically the amount of weight I had lost! So crazy to actually see it.

Once you get further into the program, you will be introduced to "SmartFoods". SmartFoods are made by WiO with only the healthiest of ingredients to help supplement your diet. So far I have tried their muffins (delicious) and I'm currently loving their tortillas! With only 17 calories per tortilla, I can't feel anything but happy as I eat a healthy wrap for dinner.

I honestly can't say enough how much I have loved this program. It helps so much that I am being held accountable by their staff since I have to go in each week. That actually motivates me to stick to the diet as best as I can! I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing program, and to see my body making positive changes.

If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to comment or email me!
Also, you can use the code Rachel10 for 10% off of their products, so be sure to try it out if you've been thinking about doing something similar. 

I can't wait to see more changes!
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Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

I want to try this!!! IT sounds so great. Getting married and having surgery has helped me put on pounds, maybe this can help me take it off.


Cece said...

This program looks amazing!!

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