Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Pineapple Club

I bet half of you guessed what shirt I was wearing just by the title. Cuz, I mean... everyone and their dog has this shirt. Seriously, haha! But I don't blame anyone or their pups, because it is the cutest, comfiest shirt ever! I love the summery print. Why are pineapples so popular this summer? It's totally a thing (as you may have already noticed me jumping on the bandwagon here!)

I don't always try to be matchy matchy, but the green on my shoes match the green stem of the pineapple quite well, haha. I love the coordination I've got going on ;) You guys need to check out Bearpaw! Their shoes are very much "fashionably comfortable, outdoorsy chic" and I LOVE it! They have some fun colors and styles. I could wear these wedges all day (different color worn in this post here). These wedges from Bearpaw are so dang easy to wear that I can actually wear them all day at work! I usually don't wear any kind of heel to work, but these.... I can survive! ;)

I highly suggest each and every one of you to get some pineapples up in your wardrobe! It transformed my closet into a tropical beach.
top: Target || jeans: AE || shoes: c/o Bearpaw

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Rachel Lynne said...

How cute do you look?! LOVE this pineapple top!

Becky M said...

Cute! I love that you chose mint to go with it! So pretty!

Mindy Sue Warren said...

So cute! I love those wedges!

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