Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Style With Caralase 2

Welcome to part two of my Summer Style with Caralase series! Today I'm excited to share some photos from a collaboration with my friend Sami. Sami and I met online (I know, right!?) because she was the social media manager of a company I worked with last year. We got to know each other via email, made the connection that she knew my brother in law, and well.. we decided to hang out. And I am SO glad that we did! We could seriously talk for hours. Sami has been working with Sheer Rose Design to style one of their beautiful floral crowns, and asked me if I wanted to join in! I was so stoked. The floral crown Sami and Sheer Rose Design worked on together turned out gorgeous. I was speechless when I first saw it (or maybe I screamed, can't remember ;)! Oh how I wish this was a bigger trend when I got married, because I would have loved to have worn one! But hey, at least I get to wear one now ;) I told Sami that she must wear a floral crown when she gets married, because they are so beautiful!

We've been trying to get this in the works for over a month, and of course the day we chose that worked for our schedules RAINED and was windy like crazy! But we didn't let that stop us. We both felt like princesses during the photoshoot ;) I had been thinking about the outfit I wanted to wear with the beautiful floral crown, and I knew I had to wear this Short Sleeve Pocket Maxi from Caralase. I have worn this dress so many times already! It is simple, yet so beautiful. And comfy, which is the best part. Sami's friend Rachel tagged along to help us out, and both Rachel and Sami commented on how much they loved my maxi dress. This dress is one you definitely want in your wardrobe!

Be sure to check out Sami's blog here to see more photos of her rocking the floral crown!
oh, and hi, yes, I finally got bangs again! So happy I did. Some of my posts for the next couple of weeks may be of me pre-bangs, so sorry if that confuses you ;)

swoon. those details!
beautiful Sami : ) 
Sami's cute friend Rachel who came along with us!

Thank you all for reading today!! XOXO
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Christina Storm said...


The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Mindy Sue Warren said...

So pretty!!! I am really digging the bangs it makes me want some.... Idk if I could pull of bangs though haha

Amy Harris said...

Oooook that dress looks so comfy!! You are both beautiful :)

Haley Phillips said...

WOAH. You are so tan! Girl, you're gorgeous!! :) These pictures are incredible.

Chelsea Hendrickson said...

LOVE your floral crown!

Katie Niemiec said...

Hi Rachel!
I was wondering what camera you use? I love your photos and am looking to purchase a new one myself!

Becky M said...

I love the sleeve pocket maxi! The color and fit are perfect!

Sami Simpson said...

Ahhh I love the post Rach!! It turned out awesome. SOO beautiful!! Love you girl. I guess that boutique was a positive for a reason in the end after all ;) blogger friends for lyphe! <3

Rachel Porter said...

Hi Katie! I use a Nikon D3200 with the 50mm 1.8 lens! Hope that helps :)

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