Friday, July 11, 2014

Simple Summer

I feel like since it's summer, and it is HOT, I tend to stick to simpler outfits... Like a dress. I love dresses because it's a no brainer-- you don't really need to think about what you will wear! Just throw the dress on and call it good. And what's better than just any dress? A striped dress, of course! This is one of my purchases from my trip to Japan last month, and I love it! It's from Uniqlo, which is sort of like a mix between H&M and Old Navy/Gap... but better ;) I've been wearing clothes from Uniqlo since I was a lil girl, and it's definitely a must to shop there. Lucky for you, Uniqlo sells in the States... so you can buy this exact same dress HERE :) So I'm not as special as I feel, lol. But hey, spread the joy!

Also, how neat are my new sunglasses from Kameleonz? They are seriously awesome quality, and the best part?... They have interchangeable arms! You can buy one of their Triple Sets which comes with one frame and three arm sets! So that's already a three for one deal right there! Even Justin loves them so much that he takes them and wears them around... Basically we have to hold a round of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets them. They are that awesome. Be sure to use the code 'RACHEL' for 20% off your purchase. They are already a great price, but why not knock off a few more bucks? ;)

Thanks for reading, have a great Friday! XO
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Oh how Lovely said...

Have I ever told you THANK YOU before? So I was just browsing Gap online and was baffled how somebody would spend $150 on a casual everyday dress. As a mom and a wife I surely don't have that kind of cash to just blow on a dress, let alone not feel guilty about it!!

I love your blog because your fashion is seriously, I just love it, and it's, you ready for this? It's affordable!!!! So thank you!!

Karina Marie Powell said...

You are a doll! LOVE this dress. So cute and so comfy!

Sandy a la Mode said...

those dresses are soo fun! i can't wait to meet you on monday!!

Sandy a la Mode

Stories of Kel said...

love this outfit! so breezy and comfy!

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