Monday, July 28, 2014

Porter Style: His & Hers Back to (Law) School

It's the end of July, and you know what's on our minds? School. Specifically, law school. It's pretty much all we talk about, since it's the next big thing in our lives! Back to school makes us think of looking fresh for the new school year. While I'm not going to law school, I still want to live up to my 'law school wife' name ;) so obviously I want to look just as fresh as Justin!

While we want Justin looking super fly in class, it's important that we set a budget and stick to it, since law school ain't cheap (and neither is rent, gas, groceries, textbooks, etc etc). Lucky for us (and you!), back to school sales can save us a pretty penny when we are doing some back to school shopping. Especially when it comes to clothes! is the hub of all hubs when it comes to online discount codes. I hate shopping without some kind of a discount-- so is perfect for this!

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Chelsea Hendrickson said...

Ah you guys are so cute! And I love your outfit!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I'm so excited for your Eugene adventures! Eugene is such a beautiful place, but it definitely has a personality of its own! All I'm saying is when you come across a hippie selling crystal deodorant, DO NOT BUY IT. Repeat STAY AWAY FROM THE CRYSTAL DEODORANT.

Love you :)

Nikki Williams said...

i love your simple tee! you guys are so cute!


Natalie said...

ARE YOU KIDDING? you're a total babe rach.

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