Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

Our Fourth of July weekend was seriously so much fun (I know this is a way late recap... how do people post so dang quickly though?! Those people are magic)! It was a huge blessing that the holiday fell on a Friday this year, because we were able to go to my hometown of Boise, Idaho to spend time with my family! We stayed until Tuesday evening, so our weekend was longer than most people's ;)

A few days after the Fourth there was a family reunion for my dad's side of the family. I am the oldest cousin (on both my mom and dad's side), so it's pretty crazy when everyone gets together... aka lots of cute little kids! I'm talking a good 20 or so (my dad has five siblings). It was so fun! On the holiday we swam in my parent's pool, hung out at my grandpa's, ate food, and went to watch fireworks. Everything you could ask for on Independence Day!
The Popsicle Gang... aka my brother, Justin, and a few of the cousins.
 a couple of my cousins being crazy. 
The little one wanted me to get my picture taken so it looked like I was "eating the flower", and she said I have to post it on my blog.... So here it is. This is for you, Hadyrs. You're welcome ;)
This little cutie was attached to my hip all weekend, and I didn't mind one bit. It was her idea to take this picture, it melted my heart. She asked to use our camera, and took the following photos... I'm quite impressed with her skills!
She is such a little photographer.

This was Justin's first time going to my grandpa's and grandma's house. He found some treasures like the tricyle below, lol... 
The firework show we went to was near the house of one of my uncles. During the show a HUGE flaming explosions went up, mushroom cloud and all! Everyone got quiet, and we were so worried someone got hurt... Turns out it was just a part of the show! It happened again later. Not my favorite firework, let's just say that! It lit up the whole sky and was so scary!

We had fun taking some long exposure shots
this one is taken by my dad. How cool is that firework in the corner?
we eventually ran out of sparklers, so I used the flashlight on my phone hehe

The next few days were filled with floating the river, more swimming, eating, hanging out with my bestest friend, more crazy cute kids, games, and shooting. I have NEVER been shooting before, so this sure was an experience!!!
 shootin' stuff.
my dad called me the world's most awkward shooter.
I couldn't argue with that, lol
 cute little cousin bein' a BOSS
Justin's heaven. for reals tho
 my grandpa has got swag
my cousin getting his last shot in before it got too dark

Sigh. It was SO so so hard to go back to work after such a great time with the family!
Until next time...
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Julia Holderness said...

Love you ๐Ÿ˜Š. And you are an awkward shooter haha, but so was I. I was scared the whole time!

Nikki Williams said...

looks like a great weekend! big families are so much fun :)


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