Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bohemian Summer

Summer is the perfect time to wear light, breezy, and airy tops. I think 75% of my closet is filled with white/cream, but I don't even mind because I LOVE them so much! They are versatile and pretty and easy to wear. One of these days I will own a little more color ;)

Today I'm wearing a top from Sweet Salt. Sweet Salt is a clothing company based in Utah that sells modest clothing. I am seriously loving the Embroidered Top. The details are so intricate, and it really is so light that I could wear it all summer long! To add a little bohemian vibe, I accessorized with the one and only dream catcher necklace created by Alycia Mealy. Her craftsmanship is top notch, and I'm going to buy myself one of her big dreamcatchers someday soon! They are to die for.

Side note-- the top was a little large for me, so I did take it in. I also adjusted the sleeves since they were a little too long on my short arms : ) 
that's my parent's house in the back! This was from 4th of July weekend when we went to see family. I loved taking blog pics right by my house, where I started my blog almost exactly three years ago!
seriously love the embroidered details!
this little babe wanted in on my pics.. I have the cutest cousins...

Be sure to check out Sweet Salt  and all their other cute clothes!!

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Sue Figueroa said...

So so lovely! This is def my kind of look, that top is beautiful. Take care xx

Nikki Williams said...

what a gorgeous top!
those rings are so cute!



Jana Tolman said...

I love that top! The embroidery is super cute. But what I'm really digging are the sandals. :)

Also, I would love it if you linked up this look to The Creative Closet today (you TOTALLY don't have to, but it fits the prompt for today) for Classy Neutrals. :)

Elisabeth McKnight said...

you're darling - and look at you little seamstress taking in shirts!

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