Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wise Words

Accept More... Judge Less.
More Class... Less Sass.
More Gratitude... Less Attitude.
More Elegance... Less Arrogance. 

Those are just some (catchy) wise words from the Le Motto line of SheSheBonBon! Le Motto is all about sending a message across to lift each other up rather than put one another down. What a beautiful company! I'm wearing their "More Elegance, Less Arrogance" top. Not that I think I'm elegant or anything, but I would definitely love to see more of it in this world... <3
top: c/o SheSheBonBon || pants: American Eagle || sandals: Madewell
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Rachel Lynne said...

Love it! Very wise words indeed :)

Night Chayde said...

Love this! If only more people took this to heart. You look gorgeous. Hope your having a good trip!!


Caitlyn S. said...

I loooove the pants!!! I just bought a similar pair from khols that are from rock and republic (*i think) but they are kinda lighter and they fit like a high waisted which i'm not sure i'm in love with lol.

Nikki Williams said...

the color of those pants is perfect!


bridget anne said...

First of all, you are totally elegant. You have such grace, poise, and positivity -- and that comes across even just online! So I am CERTAIN that is the case. Really such a neat tee. A great reminder. : )

bridget anne said...

...was so caught up admiring your tee that I missed the pants. SO CUTE!

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