Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Sometimes I try to avoid certain color combinations. Orange and green? Reminds me of a carrot. Yellow and green? Reminds me of Sprite. Green and red? Christmas.

This was an outfit I threw together last minute, and I was quite surprised at how much I loved the combination of maroon and citron green. Sure, they are variations of green and red, but it's definitely an un-Christmas feel ;)

This top, necklace, bangle, and skirt are all from 10 Dollar Mall. I love the loose, carefree yet cute feel of this outfit! It's one of my favorites to date. Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

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Janelle said...

Love this outfit! The different shades of red and green actually look so good together! Way to find an awesome combo :)


Bekah said...

Your skirt is absolutely stunning!!!! The colour is something I wouldn't think I would like, but I love it!!

These are the days

Nikki Williams said...

that skirt is gorgeous! i love that color!



Carey Mooradian said...

Very cute!

Rachel Lynne said...

So pretty! Yay for the cute things at 10DollarMall, you look amazing!

Carisa @ Bunnies and Pearls said...

wow that skirt is such a unique color, i love love it! so fun with the hate too!! I know i can't wear certain color combos either even though they might look good haha

Bunnies and Pearls

Becky M said...

Totally with you in avoiding certain combos! Love that top!


Sprinkles and Glitter said...

Love this color combo!!

Lauryn Lasko @ Ambiguously Me said...

you're right, the colors go great!!!!

Rachel said...

haha--I actually try to dress in "theme" colors randomly, even when the holiday isn't necessarily near!

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