Thursday, June 5, 2014

So I Sat in a Field of Daisies.

If you're a blogger who posts outfits, you will totally get what I mean by this... I think we all have "our spot" we like to go to and take outfit photo's! Mine is a little but gorgeous trail by where we live. When the lighting is right, the photos turn out so nicely that I hardly have to edit them at all. There are bushes, trees, dandelions, and daisies everywhere. I love spending time in my little nook to take pictures. It is so serene and I wish I could sit here and a read a book or something all evening :)

There are so many little daisies at my spot. And the other day I was tempted to take a picture of me sitting by all the pretty flowers.... So I sat in a field of daisies.

I'm a cheeser, I know.
And now, onto the outfit...

A coral maxi skirt paired with a lace top is so bright, cheerful, and summery! Add a fun hat and you will feel like a little lady. I also wore some blue accessories. I love the pop of color. Turquoise blue is always a classic! :)

Thank you for reading, ladies! Have a wonderful day! xo
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Jessica McGill Lindstrom said...

I love that skirt!! I want it :)

Rachel Lynne said...

Oh look gorgeous! Love these photos!

Night Chayde said...

Love that top!


Christi Elizabeth said...

You thrifted that top! Apparently I am not going to the right thrift stores! Adorable :)

Lauryn Lasko @ Ambiguously Me said...
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Lauryn Lasko @ Ambiguously Me said...

That hat is adorable... but i can't believe you thrifted that top! I know what you mean about having a "spot" to take outfit pictures.
xo Lauryn
Ambiguously Me

Nikki Williams said...

that top is so pretty! and you look so cute in a hat!


Jody Beth said...

I love this so much! That hat is so darling on you. And that skirt is so dreamy! And I totally get what you mean by having our "spots" haha. This is a fantastic spot!


Oh how Lovely said...

I want your closet. Really it's that simple.

The end.

Marsa said...

these photos are so beautiful rachel! and the hat in my post is from topshop :)
old but i think its on sale now


Mindy Sue Warren said...

Love this shirt! Where do you go thrift shopping?

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