Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Not a Real Housewife of Salt Lake City

If you would have asked me just five years ago if I would ever wear a leopard print dress, I would have promptly said "NO!"... Now here I am, lovin' on leopard. I feel like if it's done right, you can avoid looking trashy. I wore this dress out and about to run errands with Justin, and we had a conversation about my outfit that went like this...

me: Do I look like a Real Housewife of Salt Lake City?
Justin: No.
me: Do I look like one of the Flintstones?
Justin: No.
me: Then what does wearing leopard make me look like?
Justin: You look like Rachel

Man. What would I do without that boy and his fashion advice to me? Love him.
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Elise Hunter said...

You're gorgeous as always :)

Bailey B. Stewart said...

such a fun outfit rach! rawr.

Natalie said...

"you look like rachel" awhh JP! what a romantic.

Rachel Porter said...

haha love that! RAWR!

Rachel Porter said...

Hahah I know, isn't he a charmer. lol

Rachel Porter said...

Elise you are so sweet!!!! <3 you girly

Nikki Williams said...

i actually love this dress!! it's so fun!!


Mindy Sue Warren said...

Seriously so cute! Love this look!

Night Chayde said...

Ahhhh you look so stinking gorgeous!!


Lauryn Lasko @ Ambiguously Me said...

I love this dress, you are beautiful too!
xo Lauryn
Ambiguously Me

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