Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nautical Vibes

Since it is now officially summer (!!), I know I will start seeing people wearing nautical styled outfits! Stripes, anchors, blue and red... It's such a fun and fresh look, and I love it.

Today I'm channeling some nautical vibes, but with a funky twist. I know it's quite common to wear navy and white stripes with red, but today I'm wearing a cobalt blue/white striped top with PINK! I love this look SO much! The color combination is unexpected, but the outfit itself is simple so I felt totally normal wearing this to work ;)

The final touch that makes this outfit nautical is my bracelet from Coordinates Collection. Coordinates Collection sells beautiful jewelry that you can personalize with a coordinate of a location that is special to you! I received one of their sample pieces, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fun idea behind the jewelry. The possibilities are endless... You could use your favorite city, the place you got married, the place your children were born... I love it when jewelry has a personal meaning. It makes it extra fun to wear!

Have yourself a nautical Tuesday!
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Camille S said...

I absolutely love this look. The fit of your shirt is so cute! Such a cool bracelet.


Mindy Sue Warren said...

Might be getting me a pair of those pants! So cute!

Larissa said...

perfect for summer! thanks for the inspiration

Night Chayde said...

I'm in love with that top! So cute!


Nikki Williams said...

that top look so cute + comfy! love those pink pants, too!


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