Friday, June 20, 2014

LuLu's in Tokyo: Lunch With Friends

One of the best parts of visiting Japan is getting to see our family and friends who live overseas. I wore this outfit when we went to lunch with my mom's best friend and her two sons. We've known them for so long, and the boys are half Japanese like we are, and they seem like cousins to us. After eating the thinnest pizza I've ever seen (Japan isn't known for their pizzas, obviously;), Justin, my dad, my brother, sister and I went to Shibuya to look around. Shibuya is a section of Tokyo known for their shopping. They have cute little Japanese goodies, and even more well-known stores like Under Armour, Adidas, Krispy Kreme, and Forever21. It's crazy busy, but I love the "city feeling"! If you want to see how crowded it can get, check out this video here... (it's a little loud, beware...)

I'm glad I wore a comfortable dress, since it was a lot of walking around we did! This bright Aztec print dress is a fun color, and my family could spot me from anywhere ;)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for reading! I'm hoping to get over the last of my jet lag... ;)
 dress, sandals: c/o LuLu's
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  1. So cute!! Ahh I want to visit Tokyo so badly! Be safe!


  2. That dress is adorable and looks SO great on you!! I'm so glad you had such a good time in Japan…but I'm really happy to have you back! :) xo

  3. The pattern and color of that dress is just so pretty!!

  4. more pics please!!! of-course about the trip ♥

  5. that dress is gorgeous!



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