Thursday, June 19, 2014

LuLu's in Tokyo: Dressy Day Out

Oh, Japan and their rain... Unfortunately June is considered their rainy month. In the past when I've gone to Japan in June, we got very lucky and the weather was nice. The first couple of days on our recent trip, we had some rain. Luckily it was mostly drizzles and nothing too crazy! I had planned on wearing this outfit to Tokyo Disneyland (I love the Tinkerbell-ish vibe!), but I was afraid it might be too cold for a dress so I saved it for another day (but of course our Disneyland trip was cloudy and warm! I actually got hot walking around!).

Anyways, I ended up wearing this to a Japanese history museum we went to. Whenever summer rolls around, I get so completely drawn to bright colors. This pretty green dress lightened up the cloudy day! Also, these gladiator sandals... I LOVE how they look and fit! I can say these were my most frequently worn shoe while I was over in Japan. They're quite comfortable, and look good with just about any outfit. I really loved the overall "earthy with a twist (aka bright green)" color scheme going on :)
dress, sandals: c/o LuLu's || dreamcatcher necklace: Etsy
You guys are seriously the best. Thanks for reading today! XO
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  1. Seriously adorable! Love those sandals!

  2. So cute, LOVE the color of your dress and the layering is fantastic!

  3. that dress is gorgeous!


  4. I SO wish I could pull that dress off. You're adorable. K bye.


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