Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LuLu's in Tokyo: Casual Day Out

GOOD MORNING AMERICA! If you follow along on Instagram, you already know that Justin and I spent a week and a half in Tokyo with my family-- we just got home yesterday! Tokyo will always have my heart... 

Some people go to Lake Powell every year. Others maybe go camping every summer, or maybe even Disneyland. For my family, we got to see my mom's parents every summer. Every other summer we would go visit them, and the alternating summers they would come to us. After my grandpa passed away eight years ago, it's been hard for my grandma to come see us (she can't speak English, so connecting flights is scary for her!). We have been extremely fortunate enough to keep being able to go every other year to visit. This time I felt so incredibly blessed because Justin was able to come with me! It has always been a dream to take my lover to Japan, and I am so happy it is Justin that gets to go with me :) Justin served an LDS mission in Thailand, so he 'gets' Asian culture (while it may be strange to others, haha). My grandma loved him, even though they couldn't communicate. I would teach Justin little phrases (like 'grandma, can I have a q-tip?" lol) and he would say them to my grandma. It was pretty fun to see them interact!

We had a great time, even though the trip seemed short to me since I usually spend a good three to four weeks there. But we are grown ups and have to get back to work :( But I am definitely grateful for the time we got to be in Tokyo!

Over the course of the next month (because I'm extremely slow at keeping up this blog in real time) I'll be posting outfits and photo's of our time in Japan! <3 Today's outfit was from our first full day in the country. Justin and my little brother and I went out and about to some stores nearby my grandma's house. There are some gold mines (aka good shopping, good food, etc) within walking distance, so we enjoyed that. My cousins came over later to say hello! Justin finally got to meet my mom's side of the family, which was so fun! I loved this outfit for the first day because this top is so pretty, but the distressed jeans make it perfect for a casual day out.
my favorite part of this blouse? the sleeeeeves! They are so cute!
blouse, heels: c/o LuLu's || jeans: AE

Thanks for reading today!! I missed blogging. Scheduling a week and a half of blogging was intense, but I'm back in full force :)
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Chelsea Hendrickson said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! And TAN! Holy moly! Hope you had so much fun in Japan. Coming home from vacation is the worst, especially if you were visiting family.

Nikki Williams said...

those sandals are SO cute!!



Stories of Kel said...

those shoes are the cutest on you!

Night Chayde said...

Oh man you look so stinking cute!! Love that top and those shoes!


Morgan Sommers said...

love this!! which jeans from AE are those?

Rachel Porter said...

They're on sale! Find them here:


Emily Baker said...

so neat!!! i would love to go to japan! so cool that this is your heritage :)

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