Monday, June 23, 2014

LuLu's in Tokyo: Airplane Style

Today wraps up my LuLu's in Tokyo series. This outfit was a life saver... It's what I wore on the airplane ride over. We went from Salt Lake City to Portland, then Portland to Tokyo. The flight to Portland was just a couple hours, but the flight from Portland to Tokyo is TEN HOURS! Now I know that's not the worst flight ever, but I mean ten hours of sitting your bum down in the most uncomfortable chair is not fun. On top of that, our flight there was very shaky (lots of turbulence), we smelled some weird smells, and we got hit by lightning!!!! No joke, it was a little scary. We were just sitting towards the end of the flight, and all of a sudden the lights all started to flicker and there was a quick flash of light that went from the top of the plane to the bottom. It was crazy! But I'm glad we landed safely.

I've flown enough times to know that being comfortable on a long flight is KEY. I've also flown enough to know that airplanes are freezing cold. This pretty peach sweater from LuLu's isn't too thick or too thin-- it's perfect for an airplane ride! On the way home I wore a t-shirt and I regretted it because the plane got too chilly :( And yes, the airline gives you little cheap blankets-- but they feel like tissue paper. I was also very grateful for this cute tote because it's big and roomy! I took it as my carry on. The best part of the tote is that it comes with a smaller purse (worn here) and a clutch. Perfect for traveling around in country!

To top off the comfy but cute look, I wore my leopard leggings, and sandals from Bearpaw. I love that they are fancier than the regular old flip flops. I always take my shoes off in the airplane, so I tucked away a pair of socks in my purse for the ride.
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Chelsea Hendrickson said...

LOVE this outfit. It's so cute! I'm going to definitely need this sweater to go with my leopard leggings too :)

Night Chayde said...

So cute!! Perfect for flying. Love the color if that sweater!


Rachel Lynne said...

Simple, chic and perfect for traveling!

Rachel's Lookbook

Cat said...

Oh my goodness, I love that sweater! It looks so soft and light, which makes it perfect for long flights/dashing through airports.

Jessica Walters said...

This is so similar to what I wore when I went to SF! Leopard leggings and sweaters are PERFECT for long airplane rides. Of course, yours was obviously much longer than mine haha.


Nikki Williams said...

what a comfy outfit! i love that bag!


Elisabeth McKnight said...

tokyo girls know how to fly. i always take off my shoes on the plane :) i also traveled with my own blanket until the age of like 12....

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