Friday, June 6, 2014

I ♡ You to the Moon & Back

It's FRIDAY, folks! I hope you have all been having a lovely week! Today's look is quite simple, but this top is too darling... I mean, different phases of the moon creating a heart?! I LOVE it! I actually took an astronomy class during my freshman year of college, so moons have a special place in my heart haha. We had lecture in the campus planetarium, and boy were those seats comfy. I have to be 100% honest, I fell asleep the first day of class.... But comfortable seats that lean back, and a darkened room? I promise I wasn't the only one! ;) 

My favorite part of the class was learning about the phases of the moon and the different constellations. It was so fascinating to learn about what's outside of our Earth... We really are so small! Another tender memory I have is when we were younger and would visit Japan, my mom would take us to a nearby rec center that had a gym (where we would play badminton and kick around soccer balls), a little play area, and a planetarium. I was so young, yet so intrigued by the stars! 

To infinity & beyond.
(I may or may not have re-watched Toy Story 3 earlier this week...)

Thank you for reading! <3 Have a fabulous weekend!!!! :D
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Night Chayde said...

haha I love Toy Story. I cannot get enough of that show. Love the top and the hat together. You look so stinking gorgeous as always! And "your spot" is amazing. I am still looking for mine.

Nikki Williams said...

that tee is so cute!!

Abby said...

Not sure which I LOVE more... the t-shirt or the sandals! Both are so lovely!

xo Always, Abby

bridget anne said...

ok WHAT. this shirt is so. so. cute.

Iesha Taitague said...

that top is super cute!


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