Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Don't Cry Over Spilled Soy Sauce

This dress is one I got last year, and now that it's getting warmer I have been wearing it nonstop! (Last seen on the blog here). It's so light, the print is fun, and it adds a little spice to my daily life!

Funny story when I wore this-- for lunch, I had some avocado with soy sauce over it (it's so yum, trust me!). I spilled on myself a little.... The soy sauce got on my dress, but it seriously looked like one of the leopard spots! I laughed out loud. Luckily it came out, but just a word of advice: If you're going to be using soy sauce, wear leopard print ;) That way, you won't be crying over spilled soy sauce.

And that's my life.
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Nikki Williams said...

love your sandals!!



Bekah said...

Super cute!!! Nothing better than spinning while wearing a dress :)

Chelsea Hendrickson said...

So cute!!! Are those shoes from Target?

Night Chayde said...

So cute! I love soy sauce so for now on I'll wear leopard print just in case ;)


Lauren Cooper said...

Literally just talking to Ariel about avocado with soy sauce. SO YUM! miss you girl! xo

Cat said...

You look gorgeous! The avocados at my local grocery stores have been perfect lately, so I've been enjoying them with hot sauce and lemon — I will have to try them with soy! It sounds like the best flavor combination.

bridget anne said...

That story is adorable. And I love that print with the denim jacket. : )

Mindy Sue Warren said...

Love the story! And this dress!

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