Friday, June 13, 2014


Do you guys shop at American Eagle? Because if you don't... you should. I shopped there a handful of times in high school, but now it is one of my favorites! Their jeggings are the best I've ever had. I've tried bottoms from other places, but they never fit me right. American Eagle has always saved my bum... pun intended. But seriously they are my favorite.

I've also branched out to their other products.... like their jewelry. And jackets. And tops. Almost everything I'm wearing today is AE swag, and I wouldn't change a thing. I've been wanting the jacket I've been wearing today since I saw Marsa post in on Instagram. Marsa inspires me a ton, she is the cutest ever!

Thanks for reading today, ladies!! Have an amazing weekend!!!
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Ashley Z. said...

I love that bright green tee!

Ariel Hamilton said...

Your posts make me think you're in Utah but your'e not. COME BACK I MISS YOUUUUU!! & Samson misses you tooo :)

Lexie and Brayden said...

American eagle jeans forever!! They are all I own. And I got that same jacket a few weeks ago and it's the best.

Nikki Williams said...

i love that jacket!


Marsa said...

did i just get a shout out from theeeee rachel sayumi?!
i feel so honored.

love ya girl hope you're having fun :)


Lauryn Lasko @ Ambiguously Me said...

What do you wear under your ripped jeans to cover up? I need to figure out your secrets! I feel like leggings would be too uncomfortable!
xo, Lauryn from Lauryncakes

Rachel Porter said...

The jeans I have right now came with patches seen on under the rips! Otherwise I iron on patches myself :)

bridget anne said...

You and that jacket ARE meant to be. It's so cute on you, Rachel! I recently ordered THE cutest clog sandals from them, for like 25 bucks, and oh my gosh, they are amazing. They look just like swedish hasbeens (except are like, pennies, by comparison) and are so comfy. I'm a believer, girl.

bridget anne said...

...also, that necklace is perfect.

Alicia Snow said...

All my jeans are from AE! They have the best selection!

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