Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sassy Spring

I live for gorgeous spring evenings. If I never experience snow or windy weather again, I wouldn't even think twice! I want to be outside in the sun every chance I get. Just looking at these photo's (taken a week and a half ago? Maybe?) makes me so happy, because the weather was absolutely perfect! Unfortunately THIS week has been rainy and yucky -__-

I love this outfit for several reasons. It's the perfect mix of cutesy and casual, I love the neutral colors, and I adore the pop of pink from the pretty floral crown from Miss Stevi Marie! You guys HAVE to follow her on Instagram. She makes the most gorgeous floral crowns I have ever seen! The intricate details and unique designs make each one so special. I am so impressed with the quality!! 

And this shirt from Stylelately-- "More Issues than Vogue". LOL. That is pretty dang witty. My in laws just cracked up when they saw it. I really do struggle in life, AKA I am the biggest klutz I know... I always have a bump, a scratch, a scab, or a bruise somewhere on my body because I am extremely clumsy and I'm always running into things or tripping!! This shirt combined with this pretty Mindy Mae's Market skirt and headband make for a pretty dang sassy spring outfit. I love it. 
floral headband: c/o Miss Stevi Marie || shirt: c/o Stylelately || skirt: Mindy Mae's Market || sandals: Madewell

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Ashley Z. said...

Way cute outfit!

Katie said...

you are just the cutest!! i love that skirt with the graphic tee!!

Meaghan Shelton said...

1. Your skin is flawless
2. That skirt is to die for!
3. You look gorgeous!! :)

Abby said...

I love how you paired a casual t-shirt with such a pretty skirt! The fit is spot on, and that floral crown just takes this outfit over the top! Beautifullllll.

xo Always, Abby
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Bekah said...

I adore your skirt!!! And that floral crown is so beautiful!

Rachel said...

I would definitely be okay with never experiencing winter weather again, too! You look lovely!

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