Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pink + Tribal

I guess it's no secret that I adore the color pink. I've always loved pink, except for a few years when I hit an "anti-pink, blue-only tomboy" stage. But I definitely grew out of it, because it's my favorite again ;) If you're looking for a great, lightweight, pretty tee, hurry and get the Let Loose Tee from Sosie. It's on sale for $11! It's so comfy and I love the scoop-v-neck thing that's going on ;)

Good luck & thanks for reading! XO
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Nikki Williams said...

love that pink top! so cute + simple!



Sami Simpson said...

I love how dainty your jewelry always is! :)


Jessi said...

Hahaha ya you're on the left and I'm the super cute one with freckles!!! :)


Rachel Porter said...

HAHAHA oops.... That's what I get for late night blogging. LOL!

Becky M said...

I love this look - comfortable but so stylish! Your headbands always look so cute!


Christi Elizabeth said...

You are adorable!! I love the outfit.

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Pink is totally your color. Pink and gold.

Arielle Berze said...

Love your purse! Fringe is so trendy, and this bag does it right with the tribal print!

Arielle from Tangled Musings

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