Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Minty Fresh

First off, the title of this post makes me cringe a little because it reminds me of toothpaste, which reminds me of the dentist, which reminds me of my dental appointment in two days. It has been a good nine months or so since I last went, but now that we finally have dental insurance I'm forcing myself to go. AHHHH.

Moving on. Lace and tulle are a match made in heaven, no? It's 100% girly and I love it. I also LOVE the mint green color with my favorite tan Madewell sandals. The sandals help tone down the dressiness of the outfit.
top: c/o Choies || skirt: c/o Persun Mall || sandals: Madewell

Thank you for being such fabulous readers! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Christi Elizabeth said...

I need that skirt! Such a pretty color. You look adorable!

Nikki Williams said...

that skirt is gorgeous!


Liisa W said...

That skirt is so beautiful on you ! I always adore your outfits.

Becky M said...

Lace and tulle ARE a match made in heaven! Happy Wednesday!

Night Chayde said...

Haha everyone hates the dentist I'm one of those weirdos that love the dentist so much I work there. ;)

Love this skirt. And your hair is super super cute!!


Natasha Atkerson said...

You're rocking that tulle skirt ! Love!
I'm gonna have to get me one soon!
A modest fashion blog:

Love, The Skinnys said...

Always the cutest Rach. Also. Adam wants to know how you got so many followers on Instagram. Haha. He was so impressed.

Bailey Christine said...

What settings do you have your camera on? Are you still shooting with the Nikon D3200 and 50mm?

I'm obsessed with your photos almost as much as I am with your clothes! (Okay, that sounded stalker-ish. haha)

- Bailey

Rachel Porter said...

Bailey, you are so nice! I was actually a little disappointed with how these photo's turned out because we could NOT find pristine lighting at this park, haha!

I do shoot with my Nikon D3200 + 50mm lens! I usually keep it on Aperture Priority mode (the "A" on the dial on top of the camera-- on the right side when you're shooting). Then I open up the lens as much as the camera lets for maximum bokeh :) Hope that helps! xo

Lauren Cooper said...

I LOVE this look!! Definitely something amazing to wear when you want to feel girly! Plus the colour! Oh yes!! haha love it

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