Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maxi, All Day ErrrDay.

You know that outfit you wear at least once a week, because it's comfortable/cute/your favorite? For me, maxi dresses are a weekly thing. I've been working full time since January, and I'll be honest... It's not fun getting up early every day. I've been washing my hair every other day, so that I can sleep in a couple times a week :P Maxi dresses are the best because they feel lounge-y, but people think you look so dressed up! Ha, I sure tricked them! ;) Also, Justin and I are teachers to the 18 months-3 year old aged kiddies in our church. I'm on the ground playing with them or crouching down to their level for two hours a week, so it's maxi's every Sunday to church as well! It's so timesaving to automatically know what I wear to church each week!

This gorgeous maxi dress from Stella B is probably my favorite staple maxi dress I have in my closet! You can probably tell from the photo's, but it is incredibly SOFT! I love the color (piiiink!), the sleeve length, the drawstring waist, everything :) To tone down the pink a little bit, I added my lovely fringe vest. I love the cream color with the pink! It's so me ;)

Thanks for reading, everyone! Today is supposed to be a beautiful day where I am... Enjoy it!
dress: c/o Stella B || vest: JC Penney  || sandals: Madewell

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Nikki Williams said...

just found your blog and i love it! this dress is gorgeous (and so are you!)

Rachel Lynne said...

Gorgeous maxi, your hair looks beautiful curled like this too!

Becky M said...

I'm with you on the maxis! Yours is gorgeous!

seashmore said...

I once had a friend describe maxi dresses as yoga pants you can wear to work!

Abby said...

I love that this dress has sleeves!! So many maxis are strapless but this is so pretty with the short sleeves- way more my speed. You look lovely!

xo Always, Abby

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Maxis are pretty great. I just found the PERFECT black one like I've been looking for but this 100 degree heat is just not allowing for that at the moment haha. Such a gorgeous shade of pink and I can tell it's pretty comfortable. Cute vest too!
Exploring My Style

Jessica Walters said...

Maxis have been my favorite lately and I love how you styled this! I still can't seem to pull off the drop-waist look, but you styled it beautifully!

afternoon style

Night Chayde said...

Love this color and love the fringe so stinking cute!!


Jessica Jannenga said...

I love your maxi dress, so fresh looking, and the peachy color is great. I am tall, perhaps I needed to see this look on you and others to take the plunge
Please stop by


Rachel Porter said...

This dress was actually reallyyyyy long on me! I had it hemmed. It would look stunning on you!

Andrea Whitt said...

I'm OBSESSED with this whole outfit, especially the fringe! You look stunning! xo Andrea

Boho Bunnie

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