Friday, May 16, 2014

Light Blue Pants

My little personal credo I came up with for myself was to be more bold in my fashion and beauty. I've been doing the same things for my entire life, so I decided to start keeping myself better polished on the outside. It's amazing how good your inside can feel just by taking better care of yourself outside. I can say I've been doing a fairly good job-- I've kept my nails painted. When the polish chips off, I make sure to remove the polish remains rather than letting them sit there half done. I've also been doing my best to take better care of my hair, and wear things that are a little more outside of my comfort zone.

I've mentioned before that patterned and colored pants scare me, but that's another thing I've been working on :) I ran across these pretty jegging pants from American Eagle. I ordered my usual size, but when I got them they were too large. They are labeled as "super super stretch", so no wonder. I returned them and when I went to purchase a smaller size (it was a nice ego boost, HA), American Eagle was having a 40% off everything sale!! Talk about being in luck! Anyways, they are awesome and super soft, so you should get them too ;)

Since then, I've discovered that having different colored pants can double your wardrobe! Colored pants make a top look so different than if you wore black/blue jeans. This beautiful gray sweater I'm wearing from Sosie  is a top that looks good with any kind of bottoms (hard to tell, but you can see me wearing this sweater with black jeans here). This sweater is seriously so comfy! It's really lightweight, so it is perfect for spring. To add some more spunk to this outfit, I added the ever so lovely floral crown from Miss Stevi Marie :)

Whew! Sorry for all the rambling! I hope you all have an amaaaazing weekend! I am SO excited that Friday is finally here. Thank you for reading! xo

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Lauren Cooper said...

I LOVE coloured pants!! Also…you are rocking that beautiful floral crown!…and grey…ok…I would totally wear this entire outfit!! You beautiful thing you! xo

Bailey B. Stewart said...

rachy i LOVE this! you are beautiful! seriously come help me make this belly look cute - i'm feeling so gross lately!

Kathleen Piikea Hicks said...

Love this whole look and that is such a beautiful head band!

Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

lex said...

Love this outfit!!

Nikki Williams said...

those pants are gorgeous! love the fit! and that flower crown is perfect


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