Friday, May 9, 2014

Just Simply Me.

A light pink loose top... fun jewelry... leggings... fun sandals. This outfit is just simply me. I absolutely love how comfortable yet cute I feel when I wear something like this :) Can I just say I am SO glad big, baggy tops are in right now? I will wear tops like this as long as I shall live!

This cute top is the same top I wore in this post, but pink :) You can find tops like this and tons of other cute fashion, jewelry, and kid products over at JaneJane runs daily deals (GREAT deals, may I add?!) on the latest and greatest products! Caralase is the vendor that my top is from. They work a lot with Jane, which is awesome because I love Caralase's products. Don't miss out on their cute clothes for a stellar deal

Thank you all for reading this week, you guys are the best! Have a fantastic Friday! <3
I am obsessed with jewelry. that is all.
 top: Caralase c/o Jane || necklace: etsy || leggings: Oakleigh Rose || sandals: Madewell

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Rachel Lynne said...

Such a gorgeous loose flowy top! Perfect with leggings, and your jewelry is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I was making my monthly must list for this month and on the top of my list was a flowy box top. Then seeing your post this morning I figured it must be a sign. For only $14 its a steel! Might have to get myself one or two or three....

Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


Angela Amores said...

Love this look. That top looks so cute. I love tops that are cute, and look comfortable as well. So pretty.

Chelsea Hendrickson said...

Welp-looks like we'll be twinners because I need this top.

Lorna mai ltd said...

The top looks great on you. Its a beautiful colour especially in Summer and it goes perfectly with leggings. I got your link from style elixir linky. I am now following you on bloglovin. Here's my linky but please no pressure.

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