Monday, May 26, 2014

Green Lace, Pink Hearts, & Dandelion Wishes

Have you guys ever taken pictures of you blowing some dandelion wishes? It's pretty dang hard to look cute while you're blowing a ton of air! And what's even harder is when you take the pictures via tripod and remote. It's not easy to time yourself, make your face look cute, and snap that perfect picture.. ha! 

But I got a couple okay ones. Say hello to my double chin and chipmunk cheeks ;) But in all seriousness, dandelion puffs are the prettiest weeds I have ever seen. They are so magical.

I think someday soon I will have to write a post on how to take good dandelion pics on your own because I have actually learned some tips and tricks ;)
These pink heart sunglasses are the cutest things ever. I am extremely prone to breaking sunglasses (it's bad), so I'm okay to have cheap ones instead of expensive ones, because I KNOW I will sit on them or drop them at some point. I kind of feel like Lady Gaga, circa "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" days. I love the pink coloring with my green lace dress!
dress: c/o Oasap || sunglasses, hat: c/o Oasap || sandals: Madewell

Thanks for reading today! I hope you all have had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! Today I'll be thinking extra of my grandpa who is in heaven. xO
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Camille S said...

I absolutely love the color of your dress! So pretty.
You should definitely post a dandelion's tricky!


Nikki Williams said...

that dress is gorgeous! i love the fit!


Oh how Lovely said...

One of my weaknesses is anything lace. Love this outfit!

Night Chayde said...

You couldn't have a double chin or chipmunk cheeks if you tried young lady. I am even more impressed these are with a tripod and remote!!! You look gorgeous. I have the same sunglass problem I will never own glasses over $20 ;)


Rachel said...

You look pretty darn adorable with those sunglasses!

Porcelina said...

These photos are the cutest! So lovely in that green lace dress, and I love the sunglasses with it, great contrast in colours. I too don't buy expensive sunglasses, as they do just end up scratched or broken. Visiting today via Style Sessions. P x

Felicia@Spicy Veggies said...

Great dress!

Angela Amores said...

Love your dress, shoes, and sunglasses!!! Those sunglasses are so much fun!!! What a great outfit. You look so cute. Love it.

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