Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Spring Fairy & All That Jazz

Good morning to you! How has your week been? Last night Justin and I went to the Utah Jazz game with my father in law. It was kind of boring (watching sports is not my thing) BUT Justin and I got on the kiss cam! Ha, I thought it was pretty awesome that we got to smooch for everyone. Then I witness something so embarrassing. Some of the Jazz crew members were sling-shotting green basketballs into the crowd. One of them landed in the section over from us, and it bounced around the steps. A little boy, maybe nine or ten years old, grabbed it about the same time an older man (maybe 50 years old). The older man was basically wrestling this kid for the ball! And of course, since the older man was so much larger than the kid, he walked away with the ball. I was SO embarrassed for mankind at this moment. The little kid ran up the steps, probably hurt and crying! It was a ridiculous sight. Total SMH moment.

Do you guys have a "feel good" outfit you like to wear? It just makes you feel pretty, confident, yourself? I absolutely lace, and of course floral headbands are something I've loved since I first wore one last fall :) This cute Lace Blouse with the Flower Hair Garland  from Choies makes me feel so girly! I love them both together. I just love light pink so much! :)

There's something about wearing a floral headband that gets you lots of weird stares or nice compliments. Luckily the day I wore this outfit, I received tons of compliments at work and at a mission reunion we went to for Justin. I even received compliments from men, ha! Best part. A lady I work with said that I was the spring fairy, and that I need to use my magical powers to make spring come faster. Hehe, I will try! I will try. 
 shirt, headband: c/o Choies || jeans: AE || purse: c/o Sole Society || heels: c/o LuLu's

Have the most lovely Wednesday!! <3
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Bailey B. Stewart said...

i love that you rock high heels...i need to be better at that :/

Elise Hunter said...

You are the cutest thing ever. I miss you!

The Salty Mess said...

Love the colors of this outfit. This is really random but what kind of mascara do you use? I love it :)

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The Salty Mess

Rachel said...

You're making me want a flower headband like that so I can be a Spring Fairy, too!

Sami Simpson said...

This might be my favorite outfit of yours so far! Wish I could pull off the floral headband. SO cute on you!! Looovvveee!

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

love love love this :)

Rachel Lynne said...

SOOOO pretty!

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