Saturday, April 19, 2014

Five Items Your Man Needs in his Closet for Spring

I think the only person who I like shopping for more than myself would be my Justin (at least, until we have little kids someday;). I love shopping with him, and seeing his face light up when he likes a certain clothing item! It's quite cute. Since it's Saturday, and I'm sure many of you may go shopping later, I thought we would feature some items we think your man needs for spring!

1. A Neutral Cardigan
I'll be honest, I've been trying to push Justin on the cardigan bandwagon for at least a year. When we found this neutral colored cardigan at Target, I made him try it on. And guess what? He loved it. Cardigans for men are great because they're stylish, warm for the chillier spring days, and they can dress up a plain white tee! Which brings me to...
2. Plain White Tee
Just as us ladies need ourselves that perfect white tee, so do the men! Justin likes to wear his white tee's with colored pants, nicer shorts, basketball shorts, jeans, sweats... It just works with everything! ;) Justin purchased his in a pack of three from Target! These are something he wears often, so we loved that we could get multiple for a good price. Don't forget that if you want to save a couple extra bucks when shopping online, look for Target discount codes!
3. Fun Shorts
I'm sure that men get warm very quickly in their pants and jeans, especially because... you know, hairy legs. Haha. Shorts are a MUST for the warmer weather! Justin got his at PacSun. They had so many pretty colors... But he decided to go with a classic: navy! He felt that he could wear this color with several things in his closet. The pair he's wearing has a fun detail on the back pocket, which adds some pizzazz and personality.
4. Cool Socks
Enough with the thick, white, generic socks! Gap will solve all your sock issues. We got a great deal during their friends & family sale, but make sure to look for Gap discount codes online for other good sales! Justin was looking at the socks for a good 10-15 minutes because they have SO many choices! Stripes, anchors, polka dots, argyle, you name it! In every color you can think of! For today's outfit he wore his navy and white striped ones :)
5. Spring/Summer Shoes
Let's branch out from the cross-trainers, crocs, and chaco's this spring. Go with something classic, comfy, and versatile like Sperry's. Like everything else he's wearing today, Justin went with a versatile color that he will be able to mix and match with several other outfits! Personally I don't think I could pull off these shoes, but I love that Justin can!
cardigan, tee: Target || shorts: PacSun || socks: Gap || shoes: Sperry

Now go get your shopping on with your man so that he can look fresh this spring!
Thanks for reading, happy Saturday! :)
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Stories of Kel said...

I don't think I could pay Tim to wear socks with boat shoes.I love that cardigan though! What a supportive hubby :)

Rachel Porter said...

Doesn't his feet get stinky?! haha. Justin is very supportive! He's a gem ;)

The Holderness' said...

awww Justin be so cuteee and freshhhh!

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