Sunday, March 2, 2014

Goodbye, Gentri!

Last week, Megan, Nikki, Lauren and I hosted a party for our fellow blogger pal Gentri. Gentri is embarking on a new journey in her life-- she is moving to DC! As sad as I am to see her leave the Utah crowd, I'm so stoked for her to start a new adventure! I've been to DC a couple times, and it's definitely a fun place to be.

Gentri has been such an amazing blogging friend to me. When I officially started blogging during the fall of 2011, she was one of the first people to start commenting the nicest things. I have no idea how we found each other, but we just did! In October, she invited me to a blogger meet up (read her post HERE! We were so young!). After that, she would invite me to hang out, be on her Daily Dish segments with her, and hang out at other blogger meet ups together. I am so grateful that she was there with open arms when I had just been blogging for a couple months. She really inspired me and helped me to become the blogger I am today! She maybe a little girl, but she's got a BIG heart! ;) I will miss her tons!!!

Anyways, there were four of us that put the party together, but it was mainly thanks to Megan, Nikki, and Lauren to pull off a great night! I just brought some food, made a photobooth backdrop, and took the photo's. We had a lovely evening of yummy food, chatting, taking photo's, and then--my favorite part-- went around in a circle to talk about our favorite memories with Gentri! It was so awesome to hear the wonderful influence she has been on everyone!
This is the backdrop I made. Glitters and feathers, does that just scream Gentri or what!? haha! It cost about $6 to make (embroidery floss, feathers, glue, glitter) and I had fun making it! 
seriously could not ask for better friends. I am so grateful for the relationships blogging has brought me. It has been an incredible experience! Love you all!

Although we will all miss her, we know she will do great things! Love you, Gentri!!
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Lexie and Brayden said...

Oooh those dipped feathers!! Ah! So cute! And so pinned! Haha the world needs more glitter and feathers :)

K&R said...

so much fun! wish i could of been there. miss you girl!

Gentri said...

waaaaaa I miss you guys! I can't believe I left the best friends a girl could ask for, behind! But I am excited to see what I find, here. :) LOVE YOU!! So much. i'm so excited to hang my feathers up in my new room!

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