Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ComPLEATly in Love with Floral

Good morning!! Today I'm so excited to show you guys my "final project" from my sewing class... It was this skirt! :) I've been wanting a full, pleated floral skirt for a very long time. DownEast Basics had one, but I kept putting it off to buy it because I didn't want to spend a lot of money. It eventually sold out, and couldn't find another one that I loved. So I thought, why not make one!? 

The original pattern had a zipper on the side, but I wanted to put in pockets on the side, so I moved the zipper to the back. I mean, if I'm gonna make a skirt, it might as well have pockets, am I right?? ;)

The pattern is pretty dang simple. It has three pieces-- The waistband, the front, and the back. Of course, since I added the pockets, it turned into seven pieces because there is a front and back to the pocket (4) then I had to cut the back piece in two so that I could put a zipper in. Still a simple pattern, though, that looks really nice in the end! 

Pattern: McCall's M6706, View D
Fabric: Floral = Hobby Lobby, Pink = Scrap from the sewing lab
Zipper: Hobby Lobby

Anyways, I dub this skirt... the ComPLEATly in Love with Floral Skirt!

I made the pockets pink!!! I love a hidden surprise :)
top, heels: c/o LuLu's || skirt: made by me || tights: American Apparel

Thanks for reading!! 
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Erika Dannelly said...

you are amazing.

Emily Baker said...

gah!!!! i need to learn how to sew!!!!

katherine said...

So elegant and pretty!

Harlynn said...

So lovely!!
I love the floral.
Also love the pastel with those stockings and dark shade heels.
Great outfit!!


Sami Simpson said...

SOOO cute Rach!:) Super impressed you made the skirt, I've been wanting one like this too! xoxo - Sami

Abby said...

What a gorgeous and unique skirt! I love it!

xo Always, Abby

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

Rachel - I'm obsessed! This is gorgeous! You are so talented! and yes - three exclamation points in one comment, totally necessary :)

Danielle said...

Whaaaaaat!? That fabric is so fresh and feminine, and ohhh, I want SPRING to be here! When I saw the info and you wrote "pink" for fabric, I kept scrolling to figure out where the pink was. In the pockets?! Oh my my, I'm in love.

Little Bit of WoWe

Rachel's Blog said...

I've never commented before but I just have to say how much I love your blog! I love seeing your outfit ideas. They've helped me branch out more and be more adventurous in trying new looks. :-)

Tiffany Opp said...

Love it!!! Super cute print and love the pink pockets too. Great job!

Elise Hunter said...

You made that!! Oh my goodness! It's gorgeous! You are one beautiful and talented girl!

Lisa:) said...

Did you really make that?! Good job Rachel!! Mom

Bailey B. Stewart said...

you can make me a skirt whenever you want… :)

Kelsey Hibbs said...

Wow this turned out so well! Seriously looks like it could be from Anthro or something. SO cute!

Danielle Wallace said...

Love how the skirt came out! It's seriously the perfect fabric, length, everything! I am taking a sewing class soon to refresh my memory on how to sew, and they told me to bring a pattern. I may get this same one :)

diary of this girl - megan said...

this skirt is gorgeous! i want one, please :)

K&R said...

girl you made that skirt? you did amazing! I love it!

Gentri said...

you're amazing. How is that dress coming? Are you going to just fix the zipper or make it into something different?

iesha said...

make me one! it's so pretty!


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