Friday, March 14, 2014

Casually Dressed Up

One of my favorite pattern combinations, as you may know, is stripes and floral. I love them separately, we well as the fun complementary contrast they create together. Today I decided to change it up a bit and swap my stripes for polka dots. To not make this pattern combination look jumbled, I think it is important that one pattern is more subtle than the other. In my case, I paired a fun, bold, floral legging with a light gray sweater with small polka dots. I am really diggin this look! To not look too comfortable, I added heels, accessorized, oh-- and curled my hair! ;)

Back to the leggings-- I LOVE these leggings from White Plum! They are really soft, the color/pattern is pretty, and they're thick! Not see-through at all. White Plum has a huge selection of beautiful leggings, so make sure to check them all out  and treat yourself ;)

have a lovely weekend, everyone! I am SO excited to sleep in! haha! :P
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Bailey B. Stewart said...

you're hot. I want your clothes

Harlynn said...

You're so adorable!
Especially in the last shot. ^_^
I love the neutral polka dots with the floral and pastel heels. Looks gorgeous!
Also, I think your curls look great. c:


Melissa Robles said...

Love it, but where did you get the bag?? I need it in my closet NOW!


Rachel Lynne said...

These leggings are definitely adorable! You look so chic!

Rachel Porter said...

aw thanks! It's from Persun Mall! I take it around with me everywhere, haha.

Rachel said...

Those floral leggings are simply adorable on you!!

Jessi said...

Polka dots and floral is SOO cute!! I love this. And those leggings are amazing! Wish I had your teeny legs!


Rachel Porter said...

oh pish posh Jessi!!! Yours legs are a lean, mean, runway walkin machine!

jessica riley said...

I have the same polka dot sweater! I never thought to pair it with floral, so cute!

Sierra Ainge Charlesworth said...

You are so pretty, Rach. I love this outfit. Looooves.

Kelsey Bang said...

your so dang cute! love the floral and polka dot together! always such a fun combo!

Rhea D said...

awww such a lovely outfit and my favorite is that top! glad to have stumbled upon your blog... newest follower! :)

Found your post via Sunday Style link up!

Rhea, Et Cetera - harem pants & a giveaway!

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