Friday, February 14, 2014

Why We Work

We work because we are goofy with each other, and we sure know how to laugh.

We work because even though we disagree once in a while, we always find a way to work things out.

We work because we don't mind spending a Saturday night staying in and resting from a long and busy week.
We work because we work. We work hard in our jobs, in our marriage, and with each other. We have goals and dreams, and know we will achieve them someday.

We work because he does the laundry (I know!!) and I make the bed (most days...)

We work because he is the cutest thing and I just adore him.

We work because he has pretty blue eyes. And I love them.

We work because we tag each other in hilarious Vine videos that we want each other to see.
We work because I can be a sassy diva, and he helps keep me grounded. 

We work because I watch Netflix on my computer while he lays down and gets his back tickled.

We work because he loves Japanese food, and I love Thai food.

We work because we aren't quite ready to be parents yet, and that's okay.

We work because he supports me in my blogging, and I support him in his career goals.

We work because he deals with my weirdness, and I deal with his.

We work because he is 5'10", but I am 5'1" ;)
photo cred: E.P Danneshnizzle from the hood.

We work because he is him and I am me!
happy valentine's day!
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Dani Marie Krum said...

I absolutely love this. This is the cutest post ever! You two are darling!
Love Me, Dani Marie

Erika Dannelly said...

uhm photo cred, please and thank you ;) haha i miss you guys! you are the cutest!!

Rachel Porter said...

ugh fine! i fixed it lol

Justin Porter said...

He has great hair.

Natalie said...

haha justin ^^^^ . love your love. happy valentines day you two.

Erika Dannelly said...

HAHAHA i didn't mean literally! i do looooove my new nickname though :)

Jami Colonna said...

Seriously the cutest blog post! Really making me excited for my wedding! Nothing better than a great love story.

Justin Porter said...

you too! i hope you and cobyy enjoy it

Bailey B. Stewart said...

awww i love this! and you two!

iesha said...

aw this was too cute!
happy v-day!


Lauren Cooper said...

This is adorable!! You guys are a great example of marriage :) love you!

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