Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Break Recap

I feel like lately I've been go-go-go on outfit posts... Which is fun, don't get me wrong! But sometimes, I get a little burned out of having to go out (and freeze) and take pictures! So I thought I'd do a Thanksgiving break recap instead today ;) I'll be back with an outfit tomorrow, though!

 We were lucky to be able to spend almost a week and a half at my parents house in Boise this year. It was a muchhh needed break from school! Here's some highlights....

-Celebrated my 22nd birthday! Wahoo! It was an awesome, relaxing day. Good food and good company, what more can I ask for?! Justin and I went to see Catching Fire, which was so fun! I can't wait for the next movie to come out.
[insert cliche Taylor Swift song about being 22 here]
-Got a new toy for my birthday... Still learning the tricks of a 50mm lens! (Justin took the rose photo!!)
-Hung out with lots of little cousins on Thanksgiving.
-No crazy Black Friday Shopping for me!! I just would rather sleep than save 10% on something I probably don't need. Although I'll be honest, I took advantage of a couple online sales....!!
-went bowling with my siblings. I am not very good...
-My brothers have a few bows + arrows, so Justin and my little brother spent a couple mornings polishing up their Katniss Everdeen skills hitting a target. It's not as easy as it looks!! I joined in, too.
-Did some serious homework procrastinating. Ugh. I definitely did not write that 10-page paper, ooooops. I'm SO DONE with school!!!
-Last but not least cuddled this cute lil bugger. I don't care what anyone says, I will always love cats more than dogs. #catladyforever (photo by Justin)

I hope you all had a wonderful break!! Now it's back to the daily grind...
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Rachel said...

Archery AND bowling, that's a pretty active thanksgiving break!

Ariel Hamilton said...

Girl, I am on the same train as you for that 10 page paper. I procrastinated writing mine and I am currently suffering the consequences. ahhhhhhhhh

Jessica Lindstrom said...

Dallin's birthday is Saturday and pretty sure we are going bowling too! haha

angelaremondi said...

Lovely photos! Looks like such a fun Thanksgiving :)


Jen Castagno said...

im right there with you. i will always love cats the most!

Jessica Walters said...

What a fun break! Sometimes I get burnt out on outfit posts too, so don't feel bad :) I am a cat person too. Especially if it's an orange kitty :)

xo Jessica

Hannah Olson said...

I love my 50 mm lens! Those are some pretty sweet pics. Also, my husband would be so jealous of those bows! He's been googling bows to buy since we got addicted to the series Arrow on CW. Ever seen it?!

-Newest Follower, Hannah

Natalie said...

so fun. happy happy (late) birthday again! (kitty ^_^).

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