Thursday, November 28, 2013

t h a n k f u l

As I reflect on my life, I become more and more aware of how truly blessed I am. I am so blessed to be married to Justin, who supports me in all I do. We are both so blessed to have very healthy (maybe not fit or ripped, but still healthy nonetheless;) bodies without major problems. We both have great families who love us. We both have brothers out serving LDS missions in Korea and Ukraine. We both go to a great school, and are working on our degrees. Justin recently got accepted to an internship he wanted. Things with my blog have been going well. We both have awesome student jobs that help pay the bills. Just the basic things in life, are so so good. Don't get me wrong, life isn't perfect. We aren't super rich, we drive older cars that have scratches on the outside and stains on the inside.. We struggle with school.  We have our downs. However, there is still so much to be thankful for!
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I feel so blessed to live in a country where freedom was fought for, and is still constantly being fought for... A country where growing, learning, and chasing your dreams is encouraged. I feel blessed to have the LDS church as a part of our religion and lifestyle. We all have so much to be thankful for! Heck, if you are reading this, you have access to a computer. And that alone is awesome.
I hope that you all have a relaxing Thanksgiving day. Spend it with the ones you love, and focus on all the good in your life. It's so abundant. We are all so blessed!
Now go eat some delicious turkey and mashed potatoes.
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angelaremondi said...

Awh what a lovely post. So much to be thankful for! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving :)


Aubrey Page said...

I totally second this! Being newly married and poor-ish can be hard, but seriously, it's amazing when you take a step back to look at all we do have. Thanks for this reminder! :)

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