Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Perfectly Plaid

I don't know what screams more "fall!" than plaid!! I've been wanting the "perfect plaid shirt" for a while, and I found mine at Forever21!! I knew that I wanted blue as the main color with red stripes. 

One night I was there, and I saw them, high up where I couldn't reach. Another girl got a sales associate, and took a size small and large. Unfortunately, only size large was left... But I figured I could tailor it if I needed to, so I purchased the flannel beauty. I debated whether or not to take it in, since it is a little big... But I actually kind of like the bagginess, so it stayed as is :)

shirt: Forever21 || scarf: H&M || necklace: c/o WBB || jeans: AE || boots: Target
Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a fantastic day! <3
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Erika Dannelly said...

girl. you nailed it with this look!! i too have been searching for a new perfect plaid shirt. mine seems to have shrunk over the summer (or maybe i grew :( haha)

Valerie said...

so cute! you look so warm and autumn-like. :)

xo, Lily on Fillmore

Julia Holderness said...

perfection :)

Katie @ House. Life. Girl said...

I love the baggier look! Looks so much more comfy - perfect for Fall!!

Whitney James said...

Really cute & I love the bigger/baggy look! Love the plaid trend. Feel free to link up with me on my personal style link up! :-)


bashashhazbaz said...

ooo--very cute outfit!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I actually love it baggy! Nice pick!

Head to Toe Chic said...

Such the perfect fall outfit! i love the plaid shirt and your scarf is so cozy!


Julie said...

There's nothing I love more than baggy flannel shirts! You look so cozy!

xx, julie

Autumn Duke said...

Oh, I love this look! So chic, yet so comfortable. Perfect for this time of year when all I want to do is cuddle up next to the fireplace. You pull it off so well! You're adorable.

Elise Hunter said...

You are so darn cute! I love this look! I want that infinity scarf.
And how does your hair always look so cute in that messy bun??

Justin Porter said...

cute! "NOICE!!"

Carley Lee said...

Rachel you wear plaid so well! I love this casual Fall look :)
Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog - I really appreciated your lovely words.
Have a beautiful day!

Carley Lee said...

Rachel, you wear plaid so well! I love this casual Fall look.
Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog - I really appreciate your lovely words :)
Have a beautiful day!

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