Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween.

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N !

For me, Halloween is more of a time to be entertained by others than for me to entertain others... I think Justin feels the same way. We both don't mind simple costumes for ourselves (see last year), but enjoy seeing how others dress up! Especially since there are some crazies and weirdo's on campus, HA. 
This year what inspired our costume was my red polka dot shirt (worn here). In the post I even mentioned that the shirt reminds me of Minnie Mouse... So that's what I went with! I know we're not exactly like Mickey and Minnie, but I like to call our costume a "casual modern Mickey and Minnie Mouse" ;) We both wore what we already had, and I made the ears out of headbands, wire, hot glue, and black felt!
Some cute friends and I decided we needed to have a couple's party... So we planned, and everything turned out so amazing! To see more, check out Elise's blog for all the deets!
some dear friends of ours. 
Mickey/Minnie, Wreck-It Ralph Crew, Tink & Lost Boy, Pharaoh and Cleopatra.

cutest girls ever! Deidre, Jessica, Bri, Jessie, Elise.

Although we will be staying in for Halloween night this year (class till 6pm, anyone?), I'm so glad we got to do something to celebrate the season!
Be safe and have fun!
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K&R said...

you are so cute you little minnie.

brittany t said...

so much fun!

Kelsey Bang said...

ah what a good lookin party! you look so dang cute Rachel!

Jessi said...

You two were seriously SO dang cute. I loved your simple costumes :)
Thanks for linking up! :)

Gentri said...

you guys are adorable! I love the costumes! Simple and fun!

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