Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Cardigan Squad

In high school, there was a group of boys who hung out together. They were all nice and smart boys. All of them wore polo shirts.... like, a lot. 
So, their group of friends became known as "The Polo Squad".

Well, if I were to be back in high school now, I would definitely be a part of "The Cardigan Squad". Because, uhmm. I LOVE CARDIGANS!!! It's not even funny. I have a lot of them, in many many colors... They are, in my opinion, THE perfect transition piece for fall. That and chunky booties. 

Think about it-- Take any summery outfit you've worn over 
the past few months. If you like it, put a cardigan on it (and wear booties).. and boom-- There's a fall outfit right there.

So, please bear with me the next few months as I bust out all of my precious cardigans! Rachy Rach love them long time. <3

cardi: DownEast || shirt: || purse: Asos || skirt: F21 || socks: Target || boots: 

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Josephine Choo said...

I'm a cardigan girl too..but sometimes it is too hot for cardigans..I got a few different colors too..
Your polka dots skirt is cute!! Xo

Marsa said...

eep you look so cute rachel! mostly because you ARE so cute. and also because you dress so cute.
how's the weather in utah? i would totally be part of the "cardigan squad" with you too. pretty sure i have at least 3 black cardigans lol which is really dumb but in my opinion, you can never have too many ya'know? :)

miss you cute girl!
can't wait till we can all hang out again.


Alicia Hanley said...

Cardigans are my favorite!!

Rachel said...

I love those boots--I don't have any lighter colored boots like that! My husband really loves cardigans...sometimes I tease him that he should be a blogger because he loves wearing cardigans so much.... :P

Danielle Wallace said...

I just wore this skirt yesterday! It's so adorable but just so dang uncomfortable!I'd totally be a part of the cardi group too... I wear one at work every single day :) Love that blouse too btw!

<3 danielle

Bri Rios said...

Bahaha Rachy love them long time. LOVE IT. I'd be part of your Cardigan Squad for sure.

Manca* said...

I love this outfit! And your last picture is the best, I like your legs caught between two steps. ;)

Cassandra Too said...

I love your cardigan too! The color is beautiful. I love the layering in this outfit, you look so pretty.

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cassandra xx

K&R said...

i have the same theory too. you want to wear it in fall, throw on some tights, a cardigan and boots, bam its fall appropriate. i love cardigans, i love them haha.


Lauren ONeill said...

Cardigans are seriously the best. I would own one in every color if I could--slowly getting there! Love the burgundy color of yours :)

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