Sunday, September 22, 2013

Perfect For Us, Perfect For Each Other.

365 days, 52 weeks, 1 year.... 

One whole year ago, I married my sweetheart in the Bountiful,  Utah temple. It was perfect.
I'll be honest, the days leading up to our wedding were t o u g h. There was concern about money, deciding to get married in November but then bumping it up to September, issues with my dress, deciding on food.... There was a little bit of drama that led to tears and heartache, a lot of stress trying to find somewhere to live.. It was hard planning the Utah reception pretty much by myself (I had help from Justin of course). It was a BUSY day, we did not have a break! After the temple ceremony, Justin and I took photo's, and since we didn't have time for a luncheon, we went to the Wendy's drive-thru (we were starving!!), then it was crunch time. Setting up tables, center pieces, freaking out because we forgot Sharpies for the guestbook... We had so many sweet friends and family help out with preparing all the food, running last minute errands to get missing items, and I even had uncles and cousins climbing on top of the gazebo to string up lights!

So maybe things weren't perfect to others. It wasn't super Pinterest-worthy, I should have done this instead of that, I wish I would have known about this vendor, yadda yadda... But none of those things matter, because we could not have asked for a more perfect day, for us. We had a lot of family and friends come from out of state (including Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Maryland..!), the weather was BEAUTIFUL (all the praying paid off!), and we were just all smiles, all day. I feel so blessed to have the family and friends we do! They worked so hard to help us make our day perfect. It really was the best day of my life!
This past year has flown by, I can hardly believe it. Marrying Justin has been quite the adventure. He is really the sweetest thing, and cares about me so much (I can't even type this without crying and getting emotional.... and I'm typing this at work, ha, oops)... He is so loyal, fun, and a total goofball that keeps me laughing. It has been a learning experience, having a brand new roommate (for life!), and learning to coordinate our lives together as one. It hasn't been the easiest thing ever, but it is better than I imagined. Sure, we have had our disagreements, but the smiles and laughs and love override any of that, especially since we learn to work it out together. Who knew that me losing my phone would have led to me to sweetheart? Seriously such a coincidence-not-so-coincidence. I love our story.
I'm excited for year two, and can't wait to see what changes, growth, and learning experiences it will bring.

I love you Justin! I know I'm not the most eloquent with my words, but this all comes from my heart. 

Thank you for choosing me :) We are perfect for each other.
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Rachel said...

One year already?? Well, I guess that makes sense, I remember reading your blog before you were married! Congrats on your first anniversary!

Lauren ONeill said...

This is seriously SO sweet Rachel! I almost started crying reading this and I only know you in Blogland. Congratulations on YOUR perfect wedding and first year together. I wish you two many many more happy years to come :D

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K&R said...

you guys are adorable.
and i feel the exact same way about our wedding.
it wasn't perfect pinterest wedding, it wasn't the most expensive wedding, and it was stressful to plan.
but in the end it was perfect and the best day ever.
yay for heading to love year two! hope you guys had the best of days.


Manca* said...

Congratultions! :)

Bailey B said...

ohhh i LOVED reading this Rach - such a good post! You and JP are so good together and I am so happy you found each other. Love love love!

Aubrey Page said...

Congratulations! My anniversary was just a few weeks ago, and I definitely echo everything you said! Love your cute story :)

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I feel the exact same way. Our wedding was low-budget, and not something that would be featured in Utah Bride, but for us, it was perfect. I loved it. And I love you two. Congrats on a year!

Carey Mooradian said...


Marsa said...

oh rachel, you two are just so cute. and your story was so cute! ai feel like pinterest got really popular AFTER my wedding so i was kinda bummed i didn't get any inspiration from it haha. congrats on making 1 year! that's the toughest year i think. not that i know what it's like after 2 years hahaha can't wait to hang out again. someday!

Natalie said...

i love that last shot. i remember laying on the floor at courtside and looking over all of your bridals and just freaking out because you two were so gosh darn beautiful! you really did have the prettiest reception. i teared up during your first dance. i loved you shoes and your beautiful dress and that huge smile on your face all night long. and it WAS the perfect night! so pretty. love you rach. and justin too! happy one year lady.

Life with Amberly said...

So cute! That's where I got married too :) It was great to meet you yesterday! I'm excited to be blog friends now!

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