Monday, July 15, 2013

Kind of Japanese

Whimsical colors, neutrals, pastels... pretty browns... chiffon and lace... these are some words that describe the cute styles I have seen in Japan! I did a post on it last year -- check it out here to learn more :) The way I dressed today reminded me of my favorite kind of "Japan style". (I'm dying to go back by the way. It's my favorite place in the world)
The photo's today taken by the one and only Kirsten, back in May... I'm finally getting around to posting the outfit, oops! 
not to mention-- I definitely look more than "kind of Japanese" here. lol 
hat: Wet Seal (similar)
shirt: Charlotte Russe (optionoption)
purse: Asos (similar, similar)
belt: Wet Seal (similar, similar)
skirt: Japan (similar)
shoes: Japan
PS: All you local bloggers, tune into ABC4's The Daily Dish tomorrow at 11am for a presentation from yours truly! xoxo
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Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I love those colors. And I miss Kirsten!

Karissa Shaw said...

that hat is amazing. i want one!


Kelsey Lenay said...

Love the hat! The colors and materials are so girly and cute!

Xo, Kelsey

Erika Dannelly said...

first of all, you are THE most adorable person ever. pic #2... i die! also, you're on the daily dish again?! aghhhh i wish i was in utah to watch it live! :( good luck!! :)

Rachel said...

I definitely see the Japanese style inspiration here! I love clothes from Asia in general.

Amy Harris said...

love the soft color combo! and the chocolate :) haha

Jessica Ashcroft said...

Yay for pleats today! Love these soft colors. So pretty :)

xo, Jessica

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you so cute girly. so cute.
i wish i could pull off those colors, i too pale, dang it.


Anonymous said...

Love that skirt!

Anonymous said...

Cute!! I love that hat on you! You are such a cute girl rachel! xx. McKenna Lou

Marsa said...

haha suuuper japanesey! all the way down to the shoes.
we need to go to japan together!! ahhhh <3

Anonymous said...

you look so cute & I LOVE your new lay-out :)

Haylee said...

Cute!! Rachel this is adorable, I actually made a skirt just like that! So you can guess that I am totally into yours. :) I love how you wore it too- that shirt is adorable, I love the soft feminine feel. Also I'm so excited that I don't work in the morning because I'll be able to watch you!! 11 mountain standard time right?

Vanessa said...

Aw, how cute are you?! This is an adorable outfit!

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

So fun and springy!

Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

Lauren xx

Baby Meg said...

Such a sweet and beautiful outift.

Lauren ONeill said...

This outfit is so whimsical and pretty! I love the loose look of the outfit with the belt to add an accented waist! Very cute!

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nancy john said...

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