Thursday, June 27, 2013

that one day i literally looked like a fruit basket..

Some days, I just feel like wearing a bunch of bright colors, you know? This is the outfit I wore to the Daily Dish segment I did last week-- modified, of course :) I wanted to wear bright colors to the segment because my outfits were all white, so I wanted to stand out! This cute blouse is from Style Says Shop. It really adds a kick to your outfit, with the cute coral color and fun polka dots! I paired it with an emerald colored skirt. These two colors make me look like a watermelon, in my opinion! haha! So to go along with the fruity theme, I added a lemony colored headband. Now I really look like a fruit basket, don'tcha think!?
headband: Sweetnessaboos
blouse: c/o Style Says Shop
skirt: Target (similar, similar)
shoes: Deb-- old (similar, similar, similar)

Thanks so much for reading!
And again, all you local Provo People... I hope to see you at Apricot Lane Boutique tonight! :)
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Jess said...

you look nothing like a fruit basket! hahaha you're adorable x infinity. also, i included you in a get to know you post on my blog today. hope you'll join in! :) xx

Marsa said...

a pretty fruit basket! i am sooooo excited to see you today! ya ya yaaa :) <3

Harley said...

the cutest fruit basket ever!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Fruit Basket? I think not. You look Adorable & Colorful. Great Top & Headband. Your Smile is Gorgeous, by the way.

Hi Rachel, I am Ada. I joined your page (following you) a few weeks ago. I absolutely love your style. I run a Weekly Feature titled Week's Best Looks. I have featured you there before & today, so please check it out.

Thank You & Enjoy the Weekend!!

Caroline said...

Coral and polka dots are two of my favorite things...and I think they're even better together! Love this outfit. Super cute!

Lauren ONeill said...

I never would have thought you looked like fruit basket until you said something! That top is so cute! It looks great for a cooler summer day.

Exploring My Style

Tiffany {Grown up Dress up} said...

So so cute! I am a fan of bright colors.

Sam M said...

I like the brights together, they're prefect for summer. The zipper on your shirt is so cute, I love the added detail. I was right, I did start following your blog this week! It was so cool to meet you last night.

Emma said...

i love the headband! i wore a headscarf three days in a row last week, its cool--you won't tell right?

Shio Waline said...

Rachel, you are so CUTE!! I love the headband and the blouse combo, pretty bright colors!! And seriously, thanks again for sportin' my stuff!!! :)


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