Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Do YOU find me? Round Two.

Previously I posted about the weird keywords people search and find me by... (read it here). Well, recently I have gotten another batch of weird search words. They're so random and goofy, though, I had to share...

home remedies for lazy kidney
thanx my man you are so sweet
wide wedding ring finger
hope the soreness goes away
congratulations you are so beautiful
second life argyle tights
how to spice up a crappy apartment
i wanna buy umbrella for food stand
david archuleta inspired outfits
side swept bangs for asian girls
say thank you sayumi in japanese
jp loved brother wife
wife +hubby +black
bracelet that holds pills (???)

aaand my favorite...

husband buying a fur

It's hilarious because my husband hates fur. haha. Why do funky phrases lead people to me..?
Is my blog weird?! ...........

Haha, just plain odd. What are some weird search keywords that have led people to you recently!?
Hope your Thursday is just plain dandy!
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Karissa Shaw said...

Hahahah I have a ton of searches for "dogs in wheelchairs" and "cute wheelchair dogs" sooo funny and random! Love it!


Budget Splurge Beauty said...

how do you know the keywords that lead people to you? so funny! some of those are hilarious and I really wonder how you got mixed up into it. Also who googles "congratulations you are so beautiful" ?? Haha!

Jen Baker said...

I started following your blog recently & I love your posts! I am just starting out my own blog! Hopefully it can be just as cute as yours! :)


Anonymous said...

bahhaha those are so great!

Jessica Lindstrom said...

hahah..that's so funny. I get weird ones as well, where I'm like how in the world does that relate to my blog!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Someone found me once through "major wedgie". I think I laughed for a good thirty minutes over that haha

Tori said...

So interesting... I have no odd searches yet since I'm so new, but these are definitely entertaining!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh I could do a whole blog post on searches that led to my blog! They're so hilarious!

Haylee said...

hahaha these are so great, I love that people are googling "david archuleta inspired outfits" in the first place. Or "home remedies for lazy kidney"? What does that even mean!? haha seriously so funny.

Marsa said...

bahaha that is AWESOME!
i'm going to go look now and find my weird ones :)

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