Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Guest Post: Our Unqualified Opinion

Good morning, everyone!
Today I am introducing to you a new blog you need to check out-- Our Unqualified Opinion. My darling sister in law Erika is a part of the crew that runs it. They are funny, honest, and creative-- make sure to go show them some love! :)

Hello Rachel’s Readers!

We are Tracey, Sarah, and Erika; and we make up Our Unqualified Opinion. We are three normal girls who offer our thoughts on things we encounter every day, regardless of our credentials.

We aren’t experts at just about anything, but we have something to say about almost everything. And gosh darn, we’re gonna say it! We post about the thoughts we think. The stuff we make. The things we like. And the people we love.
A late-in-life Texan, Tracey spends her days chasing two precocious children, running an Etsy shop/photography business and watching far too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  In her spare time you can find her photographing all of the food that is constantly coming out of her kitchen. Her philosophy in life is, "Oh, I can do that!" and she is never afraid to try something new.  If you need an unqualified opinion on something calorie laden or how to avoid housework at all costs, she's your girl.
Sarah is that friend you had in college who got a little preachy at times, but was always up for a Taco Bell run. She blesses the blog with her random humor, an honorary doctorate in pop culture, and a willingness to share some very embarrassing stories. She happily resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children.

Erika is an Arizona-bred, Colorado-dwelling, wanderlusting, English-geek, clean-freak, who loves the sun, vanilla Dr. Pepper, reading, graphic design, food, and anything pretty. Her unqualified opinions generally showcase in posts about clothes/fashion and design (usually in the form of free printables).

Together, we share what we collectively know in a way that might make you feel a little bit better about life, if only because you will most likely realize that you are much more competent than we are. We have amateur knowledge about nothing in particular, and we want to share that knowledge with you!

So if you’ve got a problem that needs some unqualified expertise, hit us up — we’ll be more than happy to oblige!

Thank you ladies for guest posting today!
Be sure to go check out their blog here!
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