Thursday, May 30, 2013

dear provo weather...

make up your DANG MIND!
One second you are gorgeous, the next you are rainy and windy. Helloooo, it's almost JUNE! How about we be sunny and warm and happy, yeah?
June means bike rides and picnics. Hikes and snowcones. Warmth and sunkissed skin. 

NOT riding my bike in gloomy weather while wearing white pants (my mistake), which leads to having a girl at work tell me that I have dirt on my bum.Then spending ten minutes in the bathroom trying to wash it off without taking them off. Nope. That is NOT what June means.
Sooo, dear provo weather, please send us your happy rays so that i can enjoy somewhat of a summer.
thanks, and see ya later!

shirt: pacsun (exact)
necklace: francesca's (similar, similar)
belt: thrifted
skirt: forever21 (similar)
shoes: target, sale (similar)
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Kelsey Bang said...

yes the weather here has been so weird! i was wearing a coat 2 days ago...random.. haha love this polka dot chambray top! so cute! and the lace skirt is darling! so happy to finally meet you in person rachel :)

Jessica Ashcroft said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous girl! Seriously you are so beautiful! Teach me your style!

xo, Jessica

Kirsten Wiemer said...

seriously, utah is bipolar. phew only 5 more days of this


The Students Wife said...

I love the polka dot with the lace! so cute

Natalie said...

YOUR SHOES! gah. i love ya.

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Yup. Weather here in Logan has been the same. I wore flip flops and shorts the other day and yesterday I wore my coat and rain boots haha. P.S. Cutest top ever!

Lily Cano said...

I love this outfit!! Its so adorable!! You look beautiful, as usual!!

Lauren ONeill said...

Adorable outfit!! I'm loving lace skirts right now! And I totally know what you mean about the weather. I work nights so I don't know whether to wear a skirt or pants!

Exploring My Style

McKenna Lou said...

This outfit is so pretty! I love your guilded flats! xx. McKenna Lou

Natasha Atkerson said...

Oh I know! I'm sick of the weather up, weather down! Sunburns one day, freezing and wearing sweaters the next! COME ON!
Oh well-whatchagonna do?!
Super cute outfit! Love those colors on you!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Danielle said...

YOUR SHIRT. Love it!! You're so darling! And oh my gosh. I was a lifeguard in Provo for 2 summers during college. Late spring weather is ridiculous!!

Julie said...

Ugh, I totally agree with you. Sometimes I feel I need to leave the house with a heavy jacket because who knows how the weather will turn out later. And biking + white pants = sad girl. I've done it more than once! And probably will continue because I'm a rebel like that and I like it when people in white pants ride their bike.

xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

Sara SHOEmaker said...

ooooh I love this! I love every last detail of this perfect outfit. I wish Target still had those amazing shoes. And I've been wanting a skirt like that, it goes with everything! The whole look is adorable, I love it!

The House of Shoes

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