Thursday, May 23, 2013

a hair affair

ok, let's get real here fur a second.
most people don't believe me when i tell them i had long hair when i was younger.
here's proof that yes, my hair was actually pretty long when i was in like first grade (it was about halfway down my back)
and now that you have seen this picture, let's not ever speak again about the fact that i look like a crazy child.  or that i'm missing teeth. or that i'm decked out in a sailor moon sweater and astronautical leggings. the times have changed.

anyways, when i was in second grade or so, i cut my hair pretty short. and it's been short ever since. let's take a trip down memory lane and see, shall we?
8th grade.
 10th/11th grade-ish 
 senior year
 summer after freshman year
1 month after marriage
today, with bangs
today, with side swept bangs.

so, the reason why i'm posting these oldies today is because currently, i'm trying to grow my hair out. i haven't had it longer than it is now for over 10 years... so i figured, why not? but i need help! i need advice! long hair kinda drives me CRAZY! how do you ladies do it?!?! what are your secrets??! do you shower every day? do you use any good products? i will say, my hair grows pretty fast. but i also get split ends like none other..

short hair is awesome. because it takes like two seconds to wash. and dry. and straighten. but, the HUGE downside is... "if short hair doesn't look perfect, it looks BAD". i can definitely testify to that. it's funny, because my hair is pretty long right now (to me).. but in reality, it's not that long. so whenever i say "my hair is so long!", justin says "no it's not" hahah. anyways, i just would love some advice from all you long-haired ladies!

oh, and one more thing. i had a little fun with a hair color editor.... and thought it was funny. i have never dyed my hair before, so this was a fun experiment. the original photo is two photo's up.
black... to bring out my asian-ness
 blonde... to bring out my white-ness
purple....... kinda dig this, but i think i'll save it for 40 years down the road.
i don't think i'll ever dye my hair... anytime soon, that is. it seems like such a hassle, and is expensive.. or is it not?!
anywho... i'd love any advice on growing hair out. I NEED IT!

have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
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Kirsten Wiemer said...

hmmm. well i really like your short hair a lot. haha. i thought it looked super cute your freshmen year.
advice for growing it out, still try to do fun things with it everyday. thats what i do. don't always wear it the same. try a braid, or a twist or a bun etc.


Sabra Nice said...

Biotin is a vitamin that helps hair and nails grow faster and longer.

I'm growing my hair out right now as well and I have used it before and it really does help! Taking really good care of your scalp is important too!

<3, Sabra

Amanda said...

When I remember, I take biotin capsules, too (think I got my bottle from Trader Joe's?). As far as washing goes, I usually shampoo it every other day (or third day if I can stand it).

I'd consider your hair right now to be long. :)

Erika Dannelly said...

hahahahah sailor moon! i just died. day. made.

also, biotin. i take those too. they actually are really helping, i've decided. i got mine at walmart for like $5. i try to wash it every third day, or fourth day if i can manage it that long. i've been trying to use less heat on it too which helps (from what i've heard).

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

Its so funny, you and I are in exact opposite situations! Normally I wouldn't admit this but ..your hair is part of what inspired me to cut MY long hair short (to me) for the first time in at least 10 years. Well I haven't made the plunge yet but I HAVE made the appointment, that has to count for something, right?! :)

I have no tips for long hair. I realized recently that my long hair actually is pretty unhealthy and for that reason refuses to grow.. also an inspiration to chop it off!

The few things I do suggest is, I don't wash it EVERY day because my hair is too thin but if you wash it every day and your roots don't get too greasy, I would suggest to keep the same routine. Another thing I do is use the Chi brand serum that is heat-protecting. It makes hair super silky, shiny, detangled, and protects from heat damage! Win/win/win/win! Haha :)

Mishqueen said...

Definitely still shower every day, but DON'T wash your hair every day. The longer your hair is, the longer it takes your natural hair oils to penetrate to your tips. Don't worry about looking grody--your hair (and most importantly, your scalp) will adjust (wear a hat for a week). As a culture, we have been taught to use shampoos with sulfates in them to strip EVERYTHING off our scalp and hair shaft (including protective natural hair oils from the sebaceous glands), and then to re-soften our now-rough hair, we use conditioners that coat with silicones. The silicones unfortunately create buildup which dulls the shine and blocks the path of hair oils from the scalp, so we wash again with sulfates. The cycle continues. What's wrong with that, you say?

The problem with this pattern is, when we condition our hair shaft, we forgot to tell our oil glands that the hair is soft (aka supposedly protected from damage) now. So our scalp glands feel the absence of oil and begin to pump out in doubletime, and/or the scalp develops reactions to the absence of the natural oils. Voila! Greasy roots! Itchy scalp! Dandruff! Which makes us feel like we must must must wash it constantly, but the counterintuitive but smarter answer is to wash it LESS! Let your God-created body do its job, which is to regulate itself!

In case you are wondering about my hair story and what my credibility is, it is this: I have no credibility, ha ha! I'm just a girl with super fine/thick (small hair shaft but lots of them) and frizzy and difficult hair who finally figured out what went wrong. I could never get my hair to grow much longer than my shoulderblades because it would get split ends and break off at that point. So I would grow it out, cut it all off, grow it out, etc. Once I figured out how to wash it less often (once a week), I got it to grow to the bra strap.

Now? I rarely use shampoo or conditioner any more. I still wash my hair (once a week or less), but I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar (both have great pH balancing properties, too). I found out that my natural hair texture is wavy and bouncy and shiny, and no longer deal with frizz or breakage. And the length? Almost to my bootay, baby! And it looks less weighed down than it did back in the shoulderblade days.

Even if you're not ready to go No-Shampoo yet (google "no poo", it's a movement), definitely consider starting to wash every other day, then every third, then every fourth, etc until you can get to your hair's happy place. OR be bold and just don't wash it for at least a week cold turkey, and your transition will go much faster (like hair shock therapy, haha!). Find a nice hat you like, though! ;) If I use shampoo to start over, my yukky day is now day 5 or 6, and even that yuk is less than everyone else's day 2. After day 5, my hair regulates out again and the happy hair is back. Be brave!

Elisabeth @ Imma Walking Fashion Crime said...

Hahahaha! I love this! And I LOVE the purple!! :)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Oh! I could flood you with information!
Personally, I think if you want long, healthy hair, you should go sulfate free. And I should also mention I used the baking soda as shampoo-BAD IDEA! It's very harsh and damaged my hair-I'm just now recovering from it 2 years later! You can Google different shampoos, but I stuck with commercial products. Always make sure it's actually natural-if it has a bunch of products you can't pronounce-skip it! The ACV rinse is a good idea-it helps take any build up off after you've been sulfate free for awhile. I only wash my hair every three days (by the third day it's starting to look gross) to prevent split ends, use a deep conditioner (depending on your hair type anything from eggs, to mayo to coconut oil).
I've found taking folic acid helpful (biotin is supposed to help too, but I didn't find that personally). Eating a healthy diet is also crucial for healthy hair-if you're putting junk into your body, it manifests itself in your hair and nails.
Anyway-good luck growing it out! And don't be afraid to put it into a ponytail on those days it's irritating you!
Oh yes, definitely dye your hair purple! LOL! (jk)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Denise said...

Oh my gosh all those colors! haha I'm just the opposite when it comes to hair. I think long hair is so much easier! If it doesn't look good, pull it up! But there are definitely days where I just want to chop it to my ears. I would just invest in a good leave in conditioner and a dry shampoo. Those two things work wonders for my hair!

Anonymous said...

hahaha this is awesome! I definitely think you should really dye it purple :)

Bekah said...

You definitely need to invest in a good dry shampoo and a shampoo that has no sulfates and crap :) I can get away with washing my hair twice a week because of the shampoo and dry shampoo I use. My favourites are Garnier Pure Clean shampoo and conditioner and the best dry shampoo I've tried so far is the Dove one. It smells SO good!! I've also heard great things about Batiste too. Dry shampoo is my life saver. Seriously :)

Aubrey said...

I don't think I've ever commented on a blog post before, but I love your blog! :) I just had to say, I think you look great in the picture with darker hair! You should try it sometime. If you go to a salon, then yes, dying your hair is ridiculously expensive to maintain. However, if you know someone with a beautician's licence and they are willing to get you dye and developer (mine is $7 to $10 a tube and developer lasts for quite awhile)it can be fairly cheap. I know some people would never dare dye their own hair, but I think it's kind of fun! It's just hair :). Anyway, that's my schpeal. Love your blog; keep up the cuteness!

Jen Castagno said...

i wash it every other day. plus i get it trimmed like monthly when i want it to grow faster. after i get my hair trimmed, i swear it grows like an inch in a month. but i also try not to straighten or blow dry it every day. also i heard that dying your hair can stunt its growth. but idk. go for it! grow it out! long hair is fun

seashmore said...

My hair is like straw in every way. Color? Check. Length? Check. Ability to style? Half a check. (I can do stuff to it, but asking it to hold a curl is like asking a fish to live on land.) I use ponytailed braids a LOT. Or a hair clip to pull the front strands to the back of my head. Otherwise, I just let it lie.

Good luck with the growth!

andy brienne said...

I've been trying to fix my crappy hair for the last 6 months for the wedding, and here's what's worked for me. My hair gets greasy in like 5 seconds, so these are the products that have been nice to it.

1. drink water. pop a biotin or two a day.
2. keep heat styling to a minimum. sometimes i go out looking like a hobo, but my hair growing has been worth it. ha.
3. use moroccan oil. if this is crazy expensive to you like it is to me, sally's sells argon oil, which is basically the exact same thing.
4. the new tresemme shampoos/conditioners, It's a 10 Line, and the new suave w/ Moroccan oil are amazing and make your hair feel so, so nice. And make your split ends look not so scraggly.
5. a couple times a week, get some straight up coconut oil (they sell it in the beauty section at most drugstores. mine is blue magic brand and was cheeeap), and rub it all over your hair until its nasty. And then let it sit for a half hour or hour or so, and take your shower like normal. feels niiice.

<3 love you, girlfriend. invite to you this weekend!

Natalie said...

HAHAHA. this is the best post for multiple reasons: Sailor Moon, space leggings, purple grandma hair, and your cuteness. and Rach, your hair really is SO LONG. like so long and voluminous and dang. you look good. GO FOR IT!

Lauren ONeill said...

I have insanely long hair, and I have for several years. In 2009, I cut 11 inches off and had my hair about the same length as your senior picture. I loved it! It really scared me at first to cut that much off but I loved how much healthier it looked and how easy it was to maintain. From then on, I've grown it out just to not have to pay to keep having it cut. I feel like having long hair is a "safe" option. My hair is super straight and while I think it looks okay most of the time, I'd be totally fine with cutting a few inches off to give it more body since mine just lays flat all the time. However, my boyfriend loves it long so I keep it. At times it's great--like when I braid it. Other times, my hair weighs too much to do any sort of updos. Bobby pins are a joke for my hair. I'm sort of envious of yours. I feel like you could do anything with it! It't such a good length and I'm loving your side bangs! So I guess bottom line is, having long hair can look great, but it does get annoying. I always keep two hair ties with me in order to always throw it up when it starts to bug me. Good luck with the growth process!

Exploring My Style

Ashley Marx said...

You need to buy Biotin. it's a pill I take every morning, and I swear my hair is growing like crazy! Also, my faaaaaaaaaavorite product of all time is moroccan oil :)

diary of this girl - megan said...

i have been trying to grow my hair out, too! it takes a lot of patience. i take biotin each day and wash/condition it daily, too. i also try to get trims at least every 8-9 weeks to keep split ends to a minimum. i also rarely style my hair, but that is partially because i am too lazy in the morning or would rather push snooze onnnneeee more time. good luck! cannot wait to see your long locks :)

Catherine said...

1. LEARN HOW TO BRAID. I cannot stress that enough. I would not survive long hair if I couldn't braid my hair a million different ways.
2. Invest in a dry shampoo. I don't like to wash my hair every day but if it starts getting a little oily or the ends get a little frazzled dry shampoo helps LOADS.
3. Trim it regularly. I trim mine every 4ish months and it grows super fast and cleanly too. :)
4. Moroccan oil works wonders.
5. Start watching Youtube hair tutorials so you don't get bored. And also so you can figure out how to get your hair out of your face and still look adorable. :)

Catherine said...

Oh also Garneir shampoos/products are my HERO.

Marsa said...

omg rachel you just keep getting more and more beautiful!!!
still can't believe you've kept your hair short this long.
you do rock it really well though.
and to be honest, i'm debating whether or not to cut it somewhat like yours!!!
i've been inspired by the rachel haha
but if you grow it out im sure it'll look great too :)

Amy Lynn said...

you truly could pull of any of those hair colors!! that's awesome :) long hair is fun because you can do so much with it.

Rachel said...

My advice would be to never color your hair--once you start you pretty much have to keep going, and it seriously is a hassle and expensive. I never want to color my whole head of hair. I'm such a short hair girl--where your hair is now would be the longest I've had my hair in the last ten years...but I've really accepted my short haired personality.
Like someone else said, different types of braids are awesome for longer hair, and I feel like you can wash your hair less often when it's long, because you can put it up in a braid or some kind of updo when its not so freshly washed.

Paint Me Blooming said...

Your blog is a visual feast for the eyes. Am absolutely in awe of your talent.
I adore your haistyle, in particular when they're short.
I've been dying mine in ginger for years but it costs an arm and it is time to take care of but I do not regret it, it's part of my personality :)

xx said...

i love your length! not sure if anyone has said this, but wearing buns and pony tails (that aren't super tight) helps prevents the breakage!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

awwww thanks K! haha!!! you don't think i look too young?? :) ya doing fun things is so hard... my hair is still too short for braids, which is unfortunate since i LOVE em!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

everyone keeps saying biotin! I will have to look into that!!! Thanks for your advice, Sabra!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

man, my hair gets greasy so fast!! I know i need to train it, though. thanks for your advice, and for considering my hair to be long :D :D

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

ahhh haha thanks ka! <3

everyone takes biotin!! Imma need to go get me some!!! i didn't know you went that long without washing it, it always looks so good

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

awww, i'm glad i inspired you hehe! yeah, i get split ends a lot so i trim my hair a lot... when you don't wash your hair, do you just not get it wet? or do you use a shower cap? how do you do that? i need to get heat protectant. i have some from aussie but i'm not sure if it actually works haha. thanks for the comment, i really appreciate it!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

oh, wow! thank you so much for your comment, and for taking the time to type it all out!! it was really informative. i will need to try out the baking soda and apple cider vinegar technique!!! hair shock therapy, haha i love that!! thank you SO much!!! seriously, it was so good to read this!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

hahahah well hey thanks!!! ;)

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

hmm, i didn't know sulfate wasn't good for your hair!! what is your favorite brand of shampoo? thank you SO much for your comment, Natasha!! I truly appreciate it! you are awesome!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

you look soooooooo cute with your short hair! i loved it when you cut it. but thanks so much for letting me know! you're a hair stylist, right? it's helpful to hear from someone who is :)!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

HAHA you would! ;) thanks girl!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

twice a week!? that is amazing!! i have a tresemme dry shampoo i use sometimes. is that as good as the Dove one? Thanks so much for your comment!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

Aubrey!! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment, it really means a lot! you are so sweet. thank you for your information - it's so helpful to hear insights from other women! i seriously am clueless when it comes to hair and makeup haha! Thank you sooo much!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

where do you get your hair trimmed? that's awesome - you have such long hair!! justin wants me to grow it out, and i want to try it.. so i am haha ;)

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

oh, well you are cute so it's okay :)) thanks girl!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

uhhhhhhh your hair is beautiful so don't even go there! :) thanks so much for your advice, miss andy! I CANT WAIT TO GET AN INVITE :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

HAHA thanks Natty!! ya, freshman year was probably the shortest i ever had my hair......... that's why i looked 10! HAHA. thanks missy, you are the sweetest!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

11 inches!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!! you are so sweet, thank you for your kind words!! my hair does like three things: straight, curl, or pony tail. haha. i cannot for the life of me do cute braids or anything!! i always carry just-in-case hair bands with me, too haha! thanks so much for your comment, girl!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

ahh! both of those have been mentioned in comments many times. i wanna try em! thanks for the comment, ash!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

everything you do besides the biotin and not styling your hair is the same as me! ;) haha i know what you mean, sometimes sleep trumps hair! thanks girl!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

1. i really need to. i am sooo not talented in that area, tho! haha!
2. what kind do you use?
3. that's about how often i get mine trimmed. i used to more.. but too poor now!
4. that's the word on the street, i guess! i have gotta try it
5. that is definitely a good idea!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

i wanna try one!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

marsa, you're so sweet! miss you dearly!
haha, yeah, i don' know why.. i look like i'm twelve, but it's sooo easy. i wish i had beautiful japanese hair like you!! i think you'd look gorgeous no matter what hair style!!!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

haha you're so sweet!! I've gotta learn some hair styles for myself!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

have you ever colored your hair?? my husband loves my natural hair color... and i kinda do, too, so i doubt i will actually color it any time soon. haha. you look so darling with short hair! thank you so much for your comment!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

haha, thanks girl!!
thanks for your comment!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

aww, thank you!! yeah, when i need to give my hair a break from the heat, the ponytail is a life saver!! thanks for your comment!

Emma said...

oh goody lets talk hair. I've been trying to get mine longer since i cut it chin length my sophomore year in high school. I lacked the common sense that should scream "EMMA YOU'RE HAIR IS NATURALLY CURLY THIS IS A BAD CHOICE" but hey what can ya do. at the risk of sounding gross, i don't shower everyday. the more you wash your hair the faster it gets greasy because you strip your hair of the natural oils when you shampoo it, so the more often you strip it of those, the most oils you're scalp produces to compensate. at least thats what i've been told (which could very well mean it has no merit, i'm just going off of experience)

when it comes to dying you're hair, i'm all for it. YOLO right? and you've already got a cutie husband who will love you regardless of your hair, so you might as well try it out! i used to dye mine brown/black when i got bored and i would just use a box from the store but when i dyed it red i had a friend of mine who works at a salon do it because i felt like there was more risk involved going lighter... and gingery-er (yeah just made up that word) MAN THATS THE LONGEST COMMENT EVER. sorry bout that.

anyway i also wanted to ask you if you're interested in doing a guest post or something. i super love your style and attitude so if so shoot me an email (

Hailey Devine said...

Hahah!! Yeahh! Go with the purple! ;) You are so cute Rachel.

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

HAHA! Thanks Hailey! ;)

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

I'm obsessed with your hair!! I have always wanted beautiful, curly hair!!! Thanks for your insights, missy! I truly appreciate it. and you rock the pink hair btw!!

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